Car slams into CHP vehicle on Highway 101 near Buellton: Video


Two vehicles spun out while driving on southbound Highway 101 near Buellton Thursday morning, and one of the cars slammed into a California Highway Patrol vehicle, dash cam footage published by the CHP shows.

First, a pickup truck spun out and narrowly missing colliding with a CHP patrol car that was waiting in the center of the highway to turn onto the southbound side. Then a sedan that was trailing the truck spun out as well, apparently as a result of the driver of the pickup losing control.

The sedan slammed into the patrol car. The impact of the collision caused the sedan to spin around multiple times in one of the southbound lanes. 

A CHP Facebook post says the officer managed to assist the car to prevent it from veering into oncoming traffic.

“During times of inclement weather, please slow down, increase your following distance and expect the unexpected,” according to the the CHP Facebook page. “Collisions such as these can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. We have officers placing themselves in danger every day to ensure that you and your loved ones get to where they need to be safely.”

Meanwhile in San Luis Obispo, a SLO police officer was rear-ended Friday morning and transported to the hospital, Police Chief Deanna Cantrell said in a tweet. The officer is doing well, Cantrell said.

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