Theft of classic truck from 98-year-old spawns larger investigation in Nipomo

A couple weeks after finding a 1928 Ford Model A truck that had been stolen from a 98-year-old man, investigators returned to a Nipomo property, where this time, they were apparently searching for more stolen vehicles, as well as stolen firearms. [KSBY]

On Feb. 6, the San Luis Obispo County Auto Theft Task Force (SLOCATT), which is comprised of CHP officers and sheriff’s deputies, learned that the Model A, which had been stolen during a residential burglary, was being offered for sale. Two days later, SLOCATT conducted a joint operation with the SLO County Gang Task Force in which they found the classic truck and arrested Nipomo man Gasper Gonzales.

The initial investigation led the CHP to believe there would be other stolen vehicles and stolen firearms in the area where they found the Model A. On Thursday morning, SLOCATT served a warrant at the location, which is in the 100 block of Mads Place in Nipomo. 

Investigators detained three people at the scene, questioned the individuals and then released them. It is unclear what officers found at the property on Thursday. The investigation into the case is ongoing.

Gonzales is not currently in jail, according to the sheriff’s office website. The elderly victim has received his truck back.

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