Motorcyclist who died while fleeing police identified

Pismo Beach police have identified a man who died in a suspected DUI motorcycle crash Wednesday morning while fleeing a police officer in South County as 31-year-old Takoma Woodward from Orcutt. 

Woodward was arrested in San Luis Obispo in 2012 for sales of cocaine, prescription drugs, and marijuana. He was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Shortly after 8 a.m. on Wednesday, a Pismo Beach police officer spotted Woodward traveling at a high rate of speed on his motorcycle on southbound Highway 101 near Oak Park Road. As the officer approached the motorcycle, Woodward slowed and exited the highway at Halcyon Road in front of the officer, according to the Pismo Beach Police Department. 

As Woodward negotiated the off-ramp, he rode into the lane of oncoming traffic, nearly colliding with a light pole, and ran a red light at the base of the off-ramp. He then continued southbound on El Camino Real in Arroyo Grande.

While the officer activated his emergency lights, Woodward accelerated away at a high rate of speed with the officer in pursuit. Woodward failed to negotiate a turn on El Camino Real, drove off the roadway and crashed, which resulted in him being ejected from the bike.

First responders pronounced Woodward dead at the scene of the crash. Investigators believe Woodward was driving under the influence.

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