Ogren to work as general manager for both Oceano and Cambria

Paavo Ogren

The Cambria Community Services District board is slated to move Paavo Ogren into the role of Interim general manager on Tuesday, while Ogren also plans to continue to head the Oceano Community Services District.

In Dec. 2018, Ogren moved to a part-time position as general manager in Oceano, and began moonlighting as a strategic advisor to the Cambria Community Services District while the board sought to hire a new general manager.Last year, the Cambria board voted to sever its ties with then General Manager Jerry Gruber.

As its advisor, Ogren is asking the Cambria board to place him in the general manager position until a new general manager can be found or Dec. 21, 2019, whichever comes first.

While serving as the general manager in Cambria, Ogren has agreed to the same $99 per hour compensation he has been paid as strategic and organizational advisor but has requested benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, administrative leave, vacation leave, and sick leave; adding approximately 22.5 percent to his base salary. The Cambria district is also required to pay the employer contribution to CalPERS of 7.6 percent and Social Security/Medicare costs of 7.65 percent.

In his present position in Oceano, Ogren supervises six employees, three of whom work in the office and three of whom work in the utility yard. In 2017, Oceano paid Ogren $257,224 in salary and benefits.

Oceano has agreed to reduce Ogren’s hours to 20 a week at a savings to the district of approximately $127,500 annually while he moonlights in Cambria. Ogren’s contract in Oceano ends in July 2020.

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