Calling out the Shredder

SLO New Times Editor Camillia Lanham


This week, one of my friends told me that my name was in the April 11 issue of the SLO New Times and The Shredder again. Since I don’t read the New Times anymore, my friend read to me what it said.

The Shredder tried to drag me into the Grover Beach homeless controversy (something I know very little about) urging opponents of the homeless shelter to contact me (calling me the “King of the NIMBYS”) to help them fight it. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but this is the first time I’ve heard that one.

The Shredder, who takes great joy in reveling and thriving in the salacious, is nothing more than an anonymous propagator of hate, rumor, and nastiness who doesn’t have the courage or decency to disclose his or her name. Content to hide behind a shroud of secrecy while tossing slanderous hand grenades at those he or she reviles, The Shredder is quite simply a coward.

But this latest jab caused me to reflect upon how far our two local printed newspapers have descended into irrelevance. The slant, bias, and inaccuracies of the Tribune and the New Times have relegated themselves to our local version of “fake news.”

By contrast, Cal Coast News and reporter Karen Velie does far and away the best job of true investigative reporting on the Central Coast, far better than our local print media. It was CCN who followed the case and broke the news with a video about the city employee cold-cocking a young woman at Mr. Ricks bar, only to have the Tribune report it two days later.

This week, the Shredder actually complemented Velie on breaking that story while dissing her out of professional jealousy for losing a legal battle that she will ultimately win. After all, it was Velie who exposed the waste and corruption of the Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA), not the Tribune or New Times.

It was Velie who uncovered the unreported contributions by the marijuana barons to the winners of the last city elections, prompting the panic-stricken victors to quickly amend their campaign-finance reports, a story utterly ignored by the Tribune and the New Times in the interest of protecting their darlings on the City Council.

So thanks to CCN for being the only locally consistent provider of the truth. As for the Shredder, grow up and get a life! At least this writer is not afraid to sign and stand by what he writes.

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3 Comments about “Calling out the Shredder”

  1. honestjohn says:

    New Times has never been compelled to tell the truth. My first hand knowledge of events over the years has always been drastically different than that reported by New Times. They have always been a glowing example of YELLOW JOURNALISM without a conscience; without morals.

  2. SLOBodan says:

    Great writing on how CCN writes about the truth, something we can not find with our local news publications. Like you, I no longer read the Tribune or the New Times (they do make good fire starters, though!) I will continue to follow Velie on Cal Coast News and Cal Coast Times to get “the rest of the story”.

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