Residents angry over planned pot grow near Creston

Creston residents expressed outcry at an advisory body hearing Wednesday night over a proposed marijuana grow and manufacturing operation that would be located near the North County community. [KSBY]

Project plans call for a three-facility operation on a 4,000 square foot site at 6447 Webster Road. The location is about 1,200 feet away from Creston Elementary School, slightly more than the minimum 1,000 feet of separation from a school required by San Luis Obispo County marijuana regulations. 

More than 75 residents attended the Creston Advisor Body meeting Wednesday. The vast majority of residents in attendance opposed the project, raising concerns over safety, traffic, odor and environmental impacts. The Atascadero Unified School District also opposes the project. 

Daniel Maldonado is the co-owner of the property and the project, which entails processing marijuana, in addition to pot cultivation and manufacturing. All of the operations would take place indoors.

Maldonado said work would be done to eliminate odors coming from the site, and no sales would take place at the facilities. 

The project is one of several proposed marijuana grows near Creston, with Maldonado’s proposed project located closest to the North County community.

County planners have yet to formally process the project application, which was just submitted for review earlier this month.