Grover Beach pot shop owner charged in Santa Barbara County over illegal grow

Los Alamos illegal pot grow

Brian Touey

Santa Barbara County prosecutors have filed charges against the co-owner of a Grover Beach pot shop, who is accused of providing fraudulent information used to obtain licensing for a marijuana grow in Los Alamos. [KSBY]

Brian Touey has pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of perjury and two misdemeanor counts of illegal possession of marijuana for sale and illegal cultivation of marijuana. Touey is the co-owner of 805 Beach Breaks, the first brick and mortar marijuana business to open in San Luis Obispo County under California’s new legalization law.

Despite the case against Touey, Grover Beach officials say 805 Beach Breaks is clear to continue its operations.

On March 28, law enforcement agencies simultaneously raided 805 Beach Breaks and a large marijuana grow in Los Alamos. At the illegal pot cultivation site in Los Alamos, deputies seized more than 700,000 cannabis plants and thousands of pounds of processed marijuana. 

At 805 Beach Breaks, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies, along with Santa Maria and Grover Beach police officers, seized marijuana that allegedly came from the illegal operation, as well as records associated with the investigation.

After law enforcement searched the business, Grover Beach police launched an investigation to determine if any illegal activity occurred in the South County city. The investigation has since been completed, and city officials say investigators did not find any criminal activity occurred at 805 Beach Breaks.

Touey is scheduled to appear in a Santa Barbara County courtroom on May 2.

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  1. honestjohn says:

    What’s wrong with Santa Barbara County prosecutors, don’t they know perjury isn’t a crime? Oh…wait…that’s only in SLO County. Good thing we’ve got prosecutors in neighboring county to come after our crooks because we know our D.A. won’t!

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