SLO High ranked top Central Coast high school

SLO High School

U.S. News & World Report has released its latest state and national rankings of public high schools, in which San Luis Obispo High performs favorably, outpacing other schools in SLO County and northern Santa Barbara County.

The report gave schools scores of from from 0 to 100, as well as state and national rankings. U.S. News scores and ranks schools based on criteria including performance on state-mandated tests, graduation rates, participation in college-level courses and performance on college-level exams. 

Private schools are excluded from the rankings because their students are not required to take the statewide accountability tests that are issued to public school students. No school in SLO County or northern Santa Barbara County cracked the top 200 schools in California nor the top 1,000 schools nationwide. 

SLO High’s 91.86 score, as well its state ranking of 213 and national ranking of 1,404, were tops among local high schools. Orcutt Academy narrowly trailed SLO High with a score of 91.41 and state and national rankings of 223 and 1,481 respectively.

The scores and rankings of other Central Coast schools varied significantly. Paso Robles High (80.98), Arroyo Grande High (78.44), Morro Bay (74.35) and Nipomo High (69.47) followed SLO High and Orcutt Academy in the Central Coast rankings.

Ernest Righetti High (37.65) performed the worst among Central Coast schools. Righetti High, which ranked 10,752 out of more than 17,000 schools nationwide, was the only local campus to fall in the bottom half of the national rankings. 

Below are the scores and rankings of Central Coast high schools:

San Luis Obispo High

Score: 91.86

State ranking: 213

National ranking: 1,404


Orcutt Academy

Score: 91.41

State ranking: 223

National ranking: 1,481


Paso Robles High

Score: 80.98

State ranking: 482

National ranking: 3,280


Arroyo Grande High

Score: 78.44

State ranking: 536

National ranking: 3,178


Morro Bay High 

Score: 74.35

State ranking: 649

National ranking: 4,424


Nipomo High

Score: 69.47

State ranking: 740

National ranking: 5,265


Pioneer Valley High

Score: 60.43

State ranking: 896

National ranking: 6,823


Central Coast New Tech High

Score: 58.93

State ranking: 918

National ranking: 7,082


Santa Maria High

Score: 52.84

State ranking: 996

National ranking: 8,132


Ernest Righetti High

Score: 37.65

State ranking: 1,140

National ranking: 10,752