Paso Robles police identify man found dead on train tracks

Photo by Glenn O’Hagen

Paso Robles police have identified the man whose body was found on the railroad tracks near the train station last Friday at Donald Frank Hughes, 70.

Hughes, of Paso Robles, was a well-known member of the North County community who previously ran a radiator shop. Late in life, Hughes ended up living in a trailer near the train tracks.

At about 8:40 a.m. on Friday, a passerby spotted Hughes’ body on the tracks near 6th and Pine Streets. A bicycle and a bag of groceries were lying next to the body, a witness said.

Authorities have already conducted an autopsy, which found Hughes died of natural causes. Investigators ruled out the possibility of foul play following the autopsy, and they previously said Hughes was not struck by a train.

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