I have committed to play baseball for my dad at Cal Poly

Larry Lee


Cal Poly is an amazing school with resources that apply to everyone who goes there. For me, the one resource I look forward to the most is my father, Larry Lee. He has contributed more than anyone in making me the best player and citizen I can be.

The reason why I wanted to go Cal Poly and not pursue Major League Baseball out of high school is because he knows how to develop any athlete with any deficiency in their game and help them become the best they can possibly be on and off the field. All of his career, my father has gotten average teams and turned players into high-draft picks and maximized their potential.

Brooks Lee

He is the most undervalued coach at Cal Poly and in my opinion in all of college sports. My father has built Cuesta and Cal Poly’s baseball programs from the ground up. Every year, he puts his best nine players out on the field and gives all the over-hyped schools a run for their money. He could’ve been coaching anywhere around the country, college or professional, and be getting paid and valued more than Cal Poly ever could.

The dollar value that teams would’ve paid for me had nothing to do with my decision. As the number one ranked player in California, my dad simply doesn’t get players who are as polished as I am.

With that being said, I want to continue the Lee legacy at Cal Poly and help my dad be a top contender in regionals and the College World Series for the next three years; that of which he deserves.