Elderly woman apparently murdered in Lompoc

Eldri Jauch

Days after a 74-year-old woman went missing last week, Lompoc police found her dead body inside a home, and authorities say the death was a homicide. [KCOY]

On Friday, Lompoc police asked for help from the public in locating Eldri Jauch. Police said Jauch was last seen on Tuesday.

Over the weekend, investigators managed to locate Jauch after a witness gave police new information on her possible whereabouts. Officers found Jauch’s body at a home on Sunday morning.

Officials are not disclosing the address of the home where Jauch was found, nor are they releasing additional information about the case. 

An investigation into Jauch’s death is ongoing. Investigators are asking anyone who has information about the case to contact Lompoc police at (805) 736-2341.

Jauch’s death marks the fourth homicide in Lompoc since March.

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