Two SLO County workers injured in crash

An 81-year-old man crashed into and seriously injured two San Luis Obispo County workers on Tuesday afternoon in Cayucos.

Shortly after 1 p.m., Michael Engelberg was driving northbound on Highway 1 at about 65 mph when he turned his car to what he thought was the Cayucos exit. Instead, he steered his car towards the intersection of Chaney Avenue and Ocean Boulevard where three county public works employees were working on a waterline.

One of the workers was able to get out of the way of Engelberg’s Honda.

The Honda crashed into Travis Holt, 38, of Paso Robles, propelling him into a nearby residence. The Honda then struck Justin Smith, 35, of Atascadero, who was pinned under the vehicle.

Smith and Holt suffered major injuries. Engelberg and his 31-year-old passenger, Aurora Wells, sustained moderate injuries.

Emergency personnel transported Smith, Holt and Engelberg to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.


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