Los Osos planning to terminate another general manager

General Manager Renee Osborne


For the 17th time in less than 20 years, the Los Osos Community Services District Board plans to sever ties with its general manager. This time with plans to hire Ron Munds, a county employee.

For several years, current General Manager Renee Osborne approved stipends for board members that were not permitted under the law. After activist Julie Tacker questioned the misappropriation of funds, the board determined they had overcharged the district for stipends, but voted not to reimburse the government agency.

Tacker than filed a formal complaint.

On July 11, the Los Osos board will consider sending Osborne a 30 day termination notice.

During the same meeting, the board is scheduled to vote on whether or not to hire Munds to head the district, at $150,000 a year plus benefits. Munds is currently employed as a San Luis Obispo County utilities manager.

Last August, Munds applied to replace former SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority administrator Bill Worrell, who resigned amid a criminal investigation into his handling of the agency.

During an IWMA board meeting, several public speakers questioned Munds’ suitability because of his involvement in supporting allegations made by Worrell and former IWMA contractor Charles Tenborg in a lawsuit against CalCoastNews and two reporters. The IWMA board then rejected Mund’s application.

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