Los Osos girl hospitalized after burning her feet in a fire pit

Alivia Gonzales

A Los Osos mother of a 3-year-old girl is asking people to extinguish their fire pits after her daughter burned her feet in a covered fire pit, according to a Facebook post.

On July 7, Kaycee Gonzales’ daughter Alivia was attending a family picnic at Montana De Oro when she walked about 20 feet from the family’s picnic site and stepped into a makeshift fire pit. The pit had been covered in sand, but not extinguished with water.

“She ran about 20 feet from our picnic towards the stream, and fell about 6 inches into a make shift fire pit, that someone simply covered with sand, that morning and irresponsibly didn’t extinguished with water! Nor did they leave it uncovered to be visible to others,” Gonzales posted on Facebook.

Alivia, who suffered second and third degree burns, was transported to the Grossmen Burn Center at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield where she underwent surgery.

“Please be responsible and put out bonfires with water and not sand, no matter how many trips to the ocean to get water it takes, this should never happen to an innocent child or individual, Gonzales posted on Facebook. “Leave the pits uncovered so people are aware they are there!”

Family members have set up a GoFundMe account to help Alivia’s parents cover the cost of staying in Bakersfield and taking time off of work.

“Alivia Rose is a lively, energetic, smart and very active 3 year old.. it’s gonna take her a while to get back to Dance and Gymnastics, which she loves so much,” Gonzales posted on Facebook. “But with time she will be back to doing everything that makes her happy!”