Child suffers burns after walking on smoldering fire pit at Oceano Dunes

For the second time this month, a child suffered burns after walking over a smoldering fire pit in San Luis Obispo County, with the latest incident occurring at the Oceano Dunes. [KSBY]

On Sunday afternoon, a 5-year-old child walked on a smoldering fire pit during a family camping trip at the state park in Oceano. The child suffered second-degree burns and was transported in an ambulance to the hospital.

The fire pit contained hot coals. It is unclear if the pit was covered with sand. 

Earlier this month, a 3-year-old girl suffered second and third-degree burns after walking on a covered fire pit during a family picnic at Montana de Oro State Park. The fire pit had been covered in sand, but not extinguished with water. 

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