Key witness in SLO murder-for-hire trial admits to being sex offender

Chris Monteiro

The key witness in a murder-for-hire trial took the stand Tuesday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court and admitted during cross examination that he is a convicted sex offender with a criminal history related to child pornography.

Beau Brigham, a 33-year-old Riverside man, is currently standing trial over a single felony count of solicitation of murder, to which he has pleaded not guilty. Brigham allegedly used the dark web to hire a hit on his stepmother for about $3.50 and then canceled the hit.

Chris Monteiro, a resident of London who is a self-described cybercrime researcher and expert on the dark web, brought the allegation that Brigham tried to hire a hitman to kill his stepmother to the CBS program 48 Hours, which ran a segment on the case. CBS forwarded the allegations to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office, which is now prosecuting the case.

Brigham’s father died in 2011. In 2015, Brigham and his brother, Brandon, sued their stepmother for taking part of their inheritance and won a large judgment against her.

The prosecution has argued during trial that Brigham could received a third of his father’s inheritance if his stepmother died.

During cross examination on Tuesday, Brigham’s attorney, Ilan Funke-Bilu, took aim at Monteiro’s credibility. While being questioned, Monteiro admitted to having to register as a sex offender after being caught with 58 images of child pornography on his computer, most of which he created.

The district attorney’s office has already granted Monteiro immunity from prosecution for any criminal actions related to the case including perjury. In addition, the county is covering the cost of Monteiro’s travel to the United States, including paying for two full-time body guards.

In addition to admitting to his sex offender status, Monteiro acknowledged during cross examination that he committed illegal acts in order to access content on the dark web. Monteiro said he compromised and shut down websites while obtaining information about the case.

During his testimony, Monteiro said Brigham was being scammed into paying the bitcoin equivalent of $10,000, thinking a hitman would kill his stepmother. Monteiro testified the website falsely advertising a murder for $5,000, and that for $9,000, assassins could kill the person and make the death appear to be an accident.

The London resident testified that a person using the dark website tried to pressure Brigham into sending bitcoin, to which Brigham responded he had the money and needed more time. 

Monteiro also testified he discovered an image of Brigham’s stepmother, as well as an order form stating her address and the description of her car. The form also stated “this person is evil” and that the killing should not be carried out unless it could be done as an “extreme clear accident,” Monteiro said.

During preliminary hearings, Judge Jesse Marino stated he had concerns about the genesis of the case involving Monteiro, a crusading hacker from London. But, Marino ultimately ruled much of the evidence Monteiro delivered to prosecutors could be included in the trial. 

Marino excluded messages gathered by Monteiro that are copies, rather than originals. Funke-Bilu has argued that Monteiro cannot verify who sent and received messages he collected as evidence.

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4 Comments about “Key witness in SLO murder-for-hire trial admits to being sex offender”

  1. O' Penny says:

    Saw him testify did not believe one word testified too, he is no expert, at least one of the Jurors is in fact a real college educated Computer/Internet Expert. At lunch with a associate i know it was said the jurors did not believe him either.

    He is an admitted liar, child molester and criminal, he is suppose to return to England later this week, as he is facing more criminal charges back at home for his criminal conduct in the UK.

    My bet is Not-Guilty and the DA is Guilty of falsely filings a totally phony case a waste of my tax dollars…

  2. Henry says:

    ” Operation Blackwrist” was a International Child Exploitation Investigation for locating sexual abuse, sexual sales of pornography , video exploits all of children mostly young boys between ages 11-15.

    Low and Behold who was one of the targets ? Christopher Monteiro who is a Child abuse, films and downloads these films, video and pictures. His former partner from the UK is “Matthew Bell” who is now in custody. His Russian Partner is “Igor Bederov” others can not be named as they are assisting the (NCA of UK) and the US DHS, FBI, Bangkok authorities and more.

    How you have him as a witness is nothing short of stupid he is a self promoting IT & Internet Crime Fighter ? he fooled 48 Hours and once the BBC. He is a pure con man and liar let alone a Child Sexual Deviant. His alleged work for a “Entertainment Company” in London is all false.

    He is living off selling fake stories and the UK welfare programs

  3. Nelson says:

    Mr. Monteiro, Mr. Besa Mafia, Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith, Mr. Yura, yada yada this dude Christopher ? is an admitted Pedophile, Con Man, Perjurer, Chile Molester, Criminal Hacker, Financial Fraud, Theft, Arson, False “Hit Man”…..

    Does anyone really think that the 18 + US Intelligence Agencies, 11 Federal Criminal Agencies, US Department of State, Interpol, New Scotland Yard, London Bobbies, M-5, MI-6, US Cyber C3I units would have known all about this phony scam.

    Their is no crime never was, Dan Dow and his only 2 supporters, needed media attention and any press so Mr. “Convict” Chris Monteiro is the real criminal and never ever should have been permitted to come to USA. He lied on the stand, lied to the people, and is trying to fool everyone.

    After reading yesterday’s transcripts and seeing two binders of phony evidence that Neal Clayton had is one big mess and no evidence, it is all made up and as we saw no forensics were performed on anything. So this Puke-Monteiro is living off the American taxpayers.

    One of his so called Body Guards asked Chirs ” So how is the climate in London this time of year ? as I have a relative in Italy ‘she says is has been hot and humid. Convict Monteiro responds ” Not sure I’m not in London Now ?” what a nut case.

  4. David says:

    I know Chris not well but well enough to say he is a fraudster, scam artist, credit card fraud, lying and lying under oath which is demanded a immunity from Perjury which is ridiculous, he has no evidence in this case as their is NO evidence.

    He computers, Ipads, cell phones and more were all seized some time ago and in are in the Custody of Britain’s Authorities. The problem is why did NOT your local prosecutor request of ask that the electronic devices be forensically tested ? Because their is NO evidence on this United States disgraceful case.

    Christopher Montiero DOB 5-14-1983 one of many DOB’s he uses, he uses many other names as well as uses other people photos. He is a liar and will lie for anyone for the right fee $. He caused this fake site, monitored this site, he is “BESA Mafia”, He is “Yura” he is also know all over England, Russia, Italy, several eastern block Nations. He is a fraud and your local prosecutors fell for it as well did 48 Hours.

    Our Barristers would never have allowed this to happen, Chris is currently under another Criminal Probe for again Child Exploitation and Pornography. His has a long and shady history of misconduct that is why his parents have removed themselves as far as possible.

    He tried spin off that is works for one of the many Guilds in London, the following are ones he tired to get a job and was rejected for his criminal back ground and no degrees.

    Equity-Union UK
    Spot Light
    Actors Guild, LTD UK
    London Actors Guild

    the list like the USA is long and Chris is NOT a Cyber IT Crime expert nor is he a professional at anyone position he is a drop out of schools and never ever accomplished anything of substance.

    He a con man and your all fell for, he has no evidence as their is none, he is a deviant and pervert, while he is in the USA keep him away from Schools, Parks where children play, away from any place children gather. His current cell phone is being monitored much to his ignorance.

    He has no clue that the US Officials, from NRO, CIA, NSA, CYBERCOM, FBI, US Dept. of Homeland Security, US Dept of Justice and the Dept of State, UK official’s are also monitoring him, if he was a legitimate person he would not have to seek permission to leave the UK, he would not have to request Immunity for all his admitted crimes and the ones that are soon to be completed for yet another arrest of him.

    Bottom Line is you mate’s have a certified Criminal, Child Abuser, Credit Card Fraudster, he is mentally challenged, to be safe I hope you do not allow him near any guns, knives or cameras as he is a deeply disturbed person. He can not provide anything of substance as he has no mental capacity to understand the evils he has done and is doing.

    The Crown will be again going after him for fraud, thefts, passport altering,Bitcoin scams, wire fraud and child abuse by sexual means. He will lie for what it is you are giving him, money, woman, drugs, photos of young children both male and female he is not to be trusted or believed he is a well know Fraudster and Con Man.

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