Supervisor Lynn Compton singles out Mayor Heidi Harmon

Supervisor Lynn Compton

After learning of San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s plan to ban natural gas-powered appliances in new buildings, SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton posted an article on the city’s latest proposed ordinance. Underneath the article, Compton questions several of Harmon’s recent recommendations.

“This is so beyond ridiculous,” Compton posted on Facebook. “I do not see how this mayor stays in office….her ideas are beyond the fringe…on everything….banning statues of people in the parks (only “ideas” for statues), trying to kick Amazon out of SLO…and…the big red fake roses in her hair everyday single day (what is up with that!!!!)???

“She is a joke! So ridiculous…and the city council is just as bad. I hope people wake up,” Compton added.

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One Comment about “Supervisor Lynn Compton singles out Mayor Heidi Harmon”

  1. Wendi says:

    I must agree with supervisor Compton, our Mayor and the City council are out of control and no longer effective in leading our city. Rubbish all over downtown, businesses closing like never before, streets in and around our parks full of trash, broken down vehicles, people pissing in the public, using drugs openly.

    Just yesterday two Au Pairs from Europe came to visit SLO, what they found and photographed was pure horror. Mission Plaza 14 young lazy doping people, using drugs, sleeping on the benches, aggressively demanding money from tourist. Sexual perversion openly, then at the 7-11 another 5 people hanging around making noise about Anarchy ?

    The Streets and recently repaired LOVR are a mess as well as Madonna road, a waste of tax money, our city is falling apart and the Mayor wants to stop Clean Energy ? As for the two Au Pairs they are now leaving SLO after two days of a planned 10 day trip here, cut short as the city is a mess and dangerous.

    I was for the current Mayor and Council but NO LONGER, I really think the Mayor needs to be evaluated and take the MMPI test, her mental state concerns many of us, she is out of control and we need her replaced ASAP

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