SLO police chief’s car stolen in Santa Margarita

Chief Deanna Cantrell

A little more than a month after San Luis Obispo Chief Police Deanna Cantrell’s gun was taken from a restaurant bathroom, her personal car was stolen from Santa Margarita, according to a law enforcement source.

The chief’s son had parked Cantrell’s Hyundai Elantra in Santa Margarita. On Wednesday afternoon, he discovered the car had been stolen.

Officers found the car six hours later, in Daly City, with a naked woman inside, according to KSBY. Officers arrested the woman.

Last month, Cantrell left her pistol on the toilet paper holder in the bathroom of an El Pollo Loco restaurant. A day later, the man who found the loaded gun turned it into law enforcement.

Even so, Cantrell’s department asked the district attorney to charge the man with grand theft of a firearm, possession of stolen property and carrying a loaded firearm in public. Her request was denied.

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4 Comments about “SLO police chief’s car stolen in Santa Margarita”

  1. Pollard says:

    Something is really wrong with this entire episode’s X 2, or more that we still do NOT know, first the alleged son is not hers , her and her Spouse a female adopted the kids so they are not biological….

    He was attending a “Party” yes a party where both booze and other substances were being used, in attendance were not just a few locals but many from out of town, as with the Missing Gun case, you need to review the cells phone calls, texts and more. The facts not yet known are who was at the party, what was being used and how many “Minors” were present.

    Nudity was not just one gal but many young boys and gals, all the kids should have been both alcohol and drug tested ? yet none were ? there was NO independent investigations or tests were done now it is too late, the matter is just another CYA by the officials ? Ah but there were photos and Video done by several of the kids wait until they get posted.

    It is past time to go yet another overhaul of the SLOPD and its problems

  2. AngryTaxpayer says:

    Why did the police arrest the naked woman? Do they suspect she stole the car?

    Just a guess: Cantrell’s son knows this naked woman.

    1. Pollard says:

      Yes, …she was just one of several naked people young girls and boys as well it is a family thing

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