Inspection finds lack of clothing at Grover Beach massage parlors

A citywide investigation into Grover Beach massage parlors resulted in three people at two businesses receiving citations, including for sexually suggestive advertising and not wearing proper clothing.

On Aug. 12, Grover Beach police and the city code enforcement officer conducted inspections of eight active massage parlors. Authorities found two of the eight massage parlors to be in violation of city ordinances and state law, according to the Grover Beach Police Department.

Authorities cited and released two owners and/or operators of the massage parlors, as well as one employee. The owner and/or operator of Therapeutic Healing Center, 58-year-old Jian Qiong Long of Morro Bay, was cited for sexually suggestive advertising, a certificate card not being worn, proper outer garments not being worn and having more than 10 percent of the storefront windows covered.

Officials also issued citations to Yuzhen Bai and Yong Lian Liang, of Waves Massage. Bai, a 60-year-old Palmdale resident, received citations for sexually suggestive advertising, proper outer garments not being worn and having more than 10 percent of the storefront windows covered. Liang, a 60-year-old Temple City resident, only received a citation for proper outer garments not being worn.

Therapeutic Healing Center is located at 191 S. Oak Park Boulevard. Waves Massage is located at 1539 W. Grand Avenue.

In accordance with standard practices, Therapeutic Healing Center and Waves Massage will undergo a city administrative review of their permits and licenses based on the adjudication of the pending criminal cases. Officials will also forward a copy of the investigations into the businesses to the California Massage Therapy Council for state administrative review of their massage practitioner licenses.

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