Crime pays in SLO

T. Keith Gurnee


The Tribune’s recent editorial regarding SLO city’s building inspector Christopher Olcott’s incarceration in a “pay-to-stay” jail utterly missed the mark. It is the City of San Luis Obispo that is actually paying him to stay in cushy detention.

After being caught red-handed on video cold-cocking a young woman in a bar, Olcott was placed on “paid administrative leave” with his $68,000 annual salary in tact since April 16. While he remains on paid leave for more than four months now, his monthly salary is more than enough to cover his 60-day so-called sentence.

Has he sent the city a thank you note yet?

But what is lost on the Tribune is the glaring hypocrisy of our city leaders on this issue. With a City Council comprised by four women some of whom participated in the Women’s Marches in support of the “Me Too” movement with great fanfare, how is it that our mayor and council continue to tolerate this arrangement for a public employee who was filmed abusing a woman? And what does this say to the woman who was the victim of Olcott’s attack?

Does the fact that Olcott continues to draw his full salary for not working reveal the city’s intent to keep him on their staff when the time is right? Who knows?

So this is how the city spends your tax dollars! What is happening to this once fine town? After all, it only goes to prove that crime does pay in San Luis Obispo.

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3 Comments about “Crime pays in SLO”

  1. Gerald KL says:

    As usual something is off base within the local corruption in the DA;s office, SLOPD, Judges and their families

  2. CIDIRS says:

    Keith you hit the nail on the head, our City and County is no longer a place to live, trust or raise a family if you want honesty, integrity and ethical conduct from the elected officials and appointed.

    “Evil exists when good men do nothing” as we learned in recent weeks of the corruption of the Law Firm of our now Commissioner Erin M Child’s and her husband now X lawyer Jerry F Child’s
    Bar # 218457 the Fresno Firm the Wife Erin M Child’s ran with her now disgraced disbarred lawyer Jerry F. Child’s.

    How on earth did she pass any background check ? her office with her husband was raided and closed they scammed a lot of people and now she is a commissioner in SLO ? She was chosen over 13 really outstanding Lawyers and Other Commissioners ? Why ? because the powers at be can control her ?

    She has some serious baggage that she does NOT want out, just reviewing the State Bar and Attor5ney Generals Investigations alone would have stopped her from fleeing Fresno to SLO to be a Commissioner. As so many men and woman who have had to endure her poor and at times illegal performance on ruling that are not only illegal, unjust but she it destroying families and abusing her position as a Commissioner. She was NOT Elected by the people, nor was she appointed by the Governor she has hand picked by a few of her ” Friends” at the Superior court level some now retired ? the swam is smelling very unsavory right now.

    Indeed Crime and Corruption as alive and prospering in SLO

  3. rjakelian says:

    This really is outrageous… What is the cities justification for this, that should have been a felony!!!

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