SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill misleads in ad about bipartisanship

Supervisor Adam Hill, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, Congressman Salud Carbajal, and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Robert McMahon


In a recent email ad requesting money, San luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill posts a photo of himself at a wind energy event attended by both Republicans and Democrats as proof of his bipartisan leadership.

In his donation plea, Hill says he will soon have a challenger for the District 3 supervisor seat. Hill then touts his experience and bipartisan leadership before asking for donations.

“I’ve been warned an opponent will be announcing against me any day now, so your help is critical,” Hill writes. “With so many important challenges before us, it’s important to have smart, effective, and non-partisan leadership in our community.”

Above the photo Hill posted of himself with Congressman Salud Carbajal (D), Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R), and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Robert McMahon, Hill writes, “This is the kind of experience and bi-partisan leadership that I bring to the table.”

Bipartisan generally refers to members of opposing political parties who find common ground through compromise.

Hill, Carbajal and Cunningham were at the meeting jointly voicing their support for a proposed field of 700-foot floating wind turbines offshore of Morro Bay. There is a strong possibility the U.S Navy will oppose the project because of possible impacts on military operations.

While the five members of the SLO County Board of Supervisors generally vote unanimously, during discussions over contentious issues, Hill regularly hurls insults and accusations of wrongdoing against Republican members of the board.

After multiple reports of Hill threatening, demeaning and cursing at people with opposing views, in 2018, Hill took time off to deal with his depression and frequent outbursts.

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2 Comments about “SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill misleads in ad about bipartisanship”

  1. CIDIRS says:

    This is not the only misleading thing going on in our ” Wonderland” why has our Courts gone so secretive and biased ? many things are being hidden and the truth is NOT being told.

    Recently a State Bar Investigation and DOJ along with IRS-Criminal Investigations Unit, have been looking into the now defunct law practice of CHILDS & CHILDS , of Fresno, CA soon to learn the practice ran by Husband and Wife team, named Erin M. Child’s, Esq. now a Court Commissioner in SLO she is NOT, NOT a Judge…………..

    Her Husband is disbarred for serious Misconduct and more, his name is Jerry F. Child’s Bar #218457 no longer allowed to practice law, when he and his wife Erin now a SLO Family Law Commissioner had their offices raided she came to SLO as a Court Commissioner NOT a Judge as she has been telling people.

    Recently she has been the subject of dozens of concerned families that she is destroying families, ruing lives and want to be a real Judge, rather doubt that will happen. As news is spreading that SLO from the BOS to the Courts and more have several serious issues with Credibility, Integrity and Ethics. Why is Jordan Cunningham a lawyer who still practices law as an assemblyman holding funds owed to several local people ?

    The amounts he is with holding is over $ 13,000.00 he is delaying the payment so he can get interest on it along with others, one local Lawyer whom he owes the funds to for his client can not understand why this is going On ? Follow the Money, a State Bar complaint is being drafted to file against him on that case and two others.

    Professional Legal Misconduct has been going on long enough and now something is being done, only now it is with the Federal Government and not the locals or state. Commissioner Erin M. Childs, Esq should come clean with her background with her former law firm Child’s & Child’s ? something very fishy has gone on and now it is coming back .

    Who Vetted Her for the Position of Commissioner in SLO ? as we have here locally many more experienced Lawyers who applied for the position ? How was she chosen with her old law firm under a cloud of misconduct and now her former husband is living in the Mountain of Kern County near the Prison ?

    Is Adam Hill, Jordan Cunningham , commissioner Erin M Child’s and her co-Hort Jerry F. Child’s now disgraced X Lawyer, even be considered for the position of Commissioner in SLO, how did she get on the WLA-SLO Board, CWL Board and more ?


    They all are now under a cloud of corruption

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