Brigham sentenced in SLO hit-man-for-hire case

Beau Brigham

San Luis Obispo County Judge Jesse Marino sentenced a 33-year-old man to three years in prison on Tuesday for trying to hire a hit man to kill his stepmother.

Last month, a jury found Beau Brigham of Riverside guilty of solicitation of murder. Brigham used the dark web to hire a hit on his stepmother, which cost about $9,000, but he only paid about $3.50 to the hitman website.

The case came to light after a hacker shared information about the order to media. 48 Hours then did a show featuring Brigham which alerted prosecutors to Brigham’s kill order on the dark web.

Brigham’s father died in 2011. In 2015, Brigham and his brother sued their stepmother for taking part of their inheritance and won a large judgement against her.

During the sentencing hearing, Brigham’s stepmother said he wanted her dead to “get every last dime.”

In a statement, Brigham said he was sorry for the “huge mess.”

Even so, Judge Marino noted Brigham’s lack of remorse before sentencing him to three years in prison. With time served, Bringham will be released from prison in about four months.

Brigham’s attorney, Ilan Funke-Bilu, said he plans to appeal the conviction.

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2 Comments about “Brigham sentenced in SLO hit-man-for-hire case”

  1. CHR says:

    This bogus case allowed a Pedophile to go unchecked, a convicted child molester go to lie under oath as our DA gave immunity to this corrupt convict from England.

    A mentally ill subject gets convicted by a corrupt DA who gives real criminals a pass ? now that tells me something is very wrong with our quid quo pro system of favoritism. So Judge Marino when will you be back at the local at the club living it up with your rich white friends ?

  2. Cam says:

    Judge Jesse Marino is asleep at the bench, as a new Judge appointed NOT elected, he seems to be out of touch with reality, did he NOT listen to the two + experts both either MD’s or PhD’s Beau is a long term ill person, yet since Judge Marino is a Lackey of his former boss Dan Dow of course he will corrupt the the system.

    I hope an appeal is filed, as many Judicial errors and misconduct were committed, as one African American women on the Jury said this case was and is a farce , she was one of 7 Juries that have serious doubts of the facts of the case and at least 6 voiced concerns to the Judge, DA and Defense Lawyer.

    Judge Marino and his luxury high end Country club wife all appear to be above the law the CJP commission needs to review this case as a scam, fraud, illicit Jury Tampering, and DA misconduct. How can Judge Marino a appointee work with a real Judge Tim Covello who was chosen by the [people] remember DDA Jesse Marino opposed Tim Covello and supported Dan Dow .

    Does anyone smell a rat and informant ? did Dan Dow tell his buddy to subornation of Perjury Jesse Marino what to rule on ? cover ups and Judicial Misconduct, as Erin Childs says she will be running against one of the Judges Next year ?

    As Judge Harmon, Judge Garrett, said they will retire, yet Judge Marino is up of a real election of which he has never faced. Stew Jenkins is correct many local lawyer need to Run for Judge. No more political favors.

    I suspect the Beau Brigham will win on an appeal in the 2 DCA, Division 6 as they know how dirty the SLO judges ARE IN BED WITH They secret private parties are coming to be exposed.The Limo Driver and Body Guard Just happen to take some superstitious photos and voice recordings.

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