Pit bull reportedly mauls dog to death in Grover Beach, then gets away


Authorities are searching for a dog, suspected to be a pit bull, that attacked and killed another dog in Grover Beach Wednesday morning. 

Shortly before 10 a.m., a resident was walking their dog near Hero Park when what appeared to be a pit bull with a red collar attacked the smaller dog, police said. The injured dog was transported to a local pet emergency room, where it succumbed to its injuries.

Grover Beach police and SLO County Animal Services officers responded to the scene following the attack. The presumed pit bull had fled the area before officers arrived. 

Grover Beach police are asking the public for help in locating the dog. Any residents who live in the area of South 16th Street and La Selva Avenue and have seen or know of the suspected pit bull with a red collar are asked to contact the police department at (805) 781-4400.

In line with San Luis Obispo County protocol, animal services staffers are leading the investigation into the deadly dog attack. 

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One Comment about “Pit bull reportedly mauls dog to death in Grover Beach, then gets away”

  1. thinking one says:

    No person, group or business that has the welfare of all dogs as a priority wants the continued breeding of dog killing dogs.

    The person, group or business that resists the requirement to sterilize dog killing dogs has other priorities, such as income generation, job security, and or pathological drives such as the Munchausen by proxy need to be needed and need to create value in their lives. These bully people need more abused tortured, misunderstood, suicidal, deadly pit bulls so they can attempt to “rescue” and “rehabilitate” a tiny percentage of them.

    But asking a bully person to stop the breeding of dog killer dogs is like asking a Munchausen by proxy mom to stop poisoning her child.

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