SLOPD officer shoots a dog


A San Luis Obispo woman was surprised, but not worried, to see several officers approaching her Santa Rosa Street apartment; she had broken no laws. Within minutes, an officer following up on a tip of a possible burglary, shot and critically wounded her dog.

Thursday had started out rough; Riley Manford had broken her bedroom window while trying to force it open. Shortly after she cleaned up the mess, her 7-year-old dog Bubbers began barking at two officers who were walking towards her front door.

One of the officers explained they were following up on a tip that someone was trying to break into her apartment through a window.

“I told them it was me. I live here, my window is broken,” Manford said.

While the first officer appeared calm, the second officer, Josh Walsh, had drawn his gun, appeared agitated, and was cursing, Manford said.

“He said, ‘Take control of your fucking dog!’ ” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers. He shot at him three times, hit him twice.”

Following the shooting, the dog was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic where he underwent emergency surgery.

Officers are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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3 Comments about “SLOPD officer shoots a dog”

  1. Maria Jeffries says:

    Officer is Walsh and his Officer Wife are enjoying the paid time off, Officer Joshua Walsh is getting saw them a the springs recently drinking and swimming how nice he can enjoy the paid time off.

    Bring in a real forensics Shooting Team review unit, as we do NOT have one in SLO, ask the Ventura Sheriffs office they have a outstanding team that would get to the facts in less than 3 days, why has Officer J. Walsh Lawyered up ? Why is he invoking his rights under the Police Officers Bill of Rights ?

    What about the People’s rights, the community safety is at stake and risk here, even Fresno PD has a really outstanding “Shooting Review” unit they would love to come over and get to the facts.

  2. KL Brenda says:

    Update, Just got word that the officers all of them Body Cam’s may have been off and erased, but their is several Security Camera in the homes and businesses in the area and boy do they tell a different story than the Police say the Puppy did NOT attack did NOT aggressively pursue the many officers on the scene why was only one officer displaying his weapon ?

    The Officers went on to private property and shot the Dog, at no time were anyone in Jeopardy no one, the officer had a taser, pepper spray, a night stick, ? he was so afraid of a harmless Puppy he had to try and Kill him ? It is called escalations of use of force, voice command, pepper spray, taser, night stick ?

    ONLY as a last resort do you ever use your weapon, the dog was unarmed ! not a danger time for a firing of this officer. He never would have made it as a Cop or CHP or Military Man if he is so fearful he needs to go give parking tickets

  3. KL Brenda says:

    This is deeply disturbing and creates a deep divide of trust within the community and the SLOPD who is already under an eye of suspicion of wrongdoings . (3) shots ? are you nuts, in a small home area, where did the shots end up ? one missed so where did that one finally hit ?

    Where did the other two shots go if they penetrated the Puppy, and exited ? SLOPD should not be involved in any investigation of their own, this needs to be done by the Sheriff’s Office and Forensic experts. This Officer and his SLOPD wife Suzi Walsh both have a history of being over aggressive and not 100% truthful.

    This is a serious matter and no cover up should be allowed, if his co-workers are investigating that is a problem, even the DA’s office should be excluded allow the IA unit and Shooting review team of the SLO’ Sheriff’s Office to do a investigation, any shooting in a neighborhood like this one is a major problem where did a 3 bullets end up ? What Calibre weapon was used were the actual bullets High-Impact ?

    Many questions need to be answered, if the officer is so afraid of the puppy maybe he should get a new job, even the mail man in this area knows the dog is a happy fun loving dog. Their has never ever been ANY calls for assistance on this dog ever, ask the dispatcher she knew.

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