Dog dies following San Luis Obispo officer involved shooting

Riley Manford and Bubbers


A 7-year-old pit bull/boxer mix died shortly after a San Luis Obispo Police officer shot him multiple times while responding to a false report of a burglary.

After receiving the report of a possible burglary at a three-unit residence on Santa Rosa Street, officers quickly determined the report was inaccurate. But, by that time, two officers had walked onto the property, and one was afraid of the resident’s dog.

Officer Josh Walsh ordered Riley Manford to control her “fucking dog,” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers.”

Before Manford could reach her dog, Walsh fired three shots at Bubbers. Two shots struck the dog and one bounced off the concrete.

Following the shooting, Bubbers was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic. The dog suffered internal injuries and one of his legs was shattered.

At about 7 p.m., it was determined that the dog needed to be put down.

“If he did survive, they said he would always be in pain,” Manford said with a moan. “He was a member of our family.”

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4 Comments about “Dog dies following San Luis Obispo officer involved shooting”

  1. Freeman says:

    I want to hear the other side of the story. Videos from the police maybe? But shit man, you don’t shoot someone’s dog unless it attacking you.

    1. Belinda James J says:

      You are correct, Capt. Smith is spinning a false narrative, as the dog never attacked and their is no history with the City, County, US Postal Service or others that this dog was anything but friendly.

      I do know on young neighbor is not a friend of this couple who lost there dog, I saw her spinning her take but she is not telling the truth nor is Capt. Smith he was NOT present during the unjustified Murder of this friendly lovable dog. Apparently Officer Walsh must have missed the day in the Academy when your trained on use of force, escalation of use of force from voice, to baton, pepper spray in case of a dog were you not trained to defend yourself with out use of unjustified deadly force.

      There is security video two from across the streets at the commercial building occupied by Ogden and Frick’s Law firm and others. The officer after all was on Private property on a baseless call. WHO Made the false call ? The neighbor who does not like them ?

      Case in Point about 9 weeks ago a Laguna Lake dog park in SLO, approx. 8 people with some 10+ dogs and one ” Dirt Bag” former convict ( He admitted he was a Convict) with his full blooded Spiked Neck collar aggressively attacked two dogs .

      The X Con never ever did anything so one dog owner went up and punched the Pit Bull in the eyes, the Pit Bull let go, the dogs owner this X Con called the SLOPD, the only problem is SLO PD said to call the Parks Dept. Ranger.

      The Pit Bull tired to attack a person that is when 5 people stepped in and pepper sprayed the F????? Pit Bull and the X con with Red Dye spray and they both ran off. NO ONE needed a Gun to shot anyone or anything.

      Unjustified use of force, overkill for the circumstances, discharging a fire arm in a residential area is a crime. Do the powers at be obtain the officer blood test for use of controlled substances or booze as he likes to drink a lot just ask Suzi his Cop Wife. If officer Walsh is so untrained to be a cop he needs to hang is up and go backing to selling cars.

  2. J EricJ says:

    There is some thing that smells ? there were how many officers in Uniform with Body Cams, and then several others not in uniform it was what 100 yards from SLO PD Hq. ?

    I know this small complex well, this is a officer who is unhinged due to family issues with his fairly new cop wife, i hope that a urine, blood test was taken of the Officer to determine his mental, drug and alcohol state of use and use of Medications that he is suppose to take only when NOT on duty.

    This could have been anyone’s Child to shoot 3 times in a dense neighborhood is outrageous , did all three of the slugs get recovered ? did any of them ricochet to who knows where ?

    If he is afraid of a dog on a dogs own property this cop is a coward at best and tweaked at worst. He never would have made it in a real Police Dept. or in the Military such cowards need to be fired and now. The community is in danger as long as he is on the force and carries a weapon, my guess is he was under the influence

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