FBI sting leads to arrests of two SLO County men

22617 K Street


FBI agents raided three homes on Tuesday morning of people accused of selling methamphetamine, heroin or illegal firearms. Agents arrested two suspected drug dealers.

During a three month investigation, FBI agents taped and surveilled a confidential informant while he purchased methamphetamine, heroin and an assault weapon from Gary Allan Wallravin, 64, of Santa Margarita and Marc Kenneth Wolf, 49, of Atascadero.

On July 17 and July 23, Wallravin sold the informant methamphetamine and heroin from his 22617 K Street home.

“The CHS (informant) walked up to the front door of the Wallravin premises and Wallravin answered through a screen door. Wallravin asked the CHS ‘What do you need?’ and the CHS replied, ‘I need to get well. I got some money.’ Walravin asked, ‘How much?’ and the CHS stated, ‘Can I get a gram?’ Wallravinn opens the door and stated, ‘Let’s make this quick. The CHS asked Wallravin, ‘Do you have clear too,’ and Wallravin replied, ‘Yes.’ The CHS handed Wallravin $160 in cash for the methamphetamine and heroin,” according to the criminal complaint.

On July 31, Woff sold the informant, who was wearing a wire, methamphetamine from his home at 5305 Vega Avenue in Atascadero.

The CHS “told Wolf that the CHS is doing well selling drugs in Bakersfield. The CHS told Wolf that the CHS needs to pick up some stuff to keep his Bakersfield people cool. Wolf asked the CHS, ‘You got money for that or what?’ CHS replied, ‘I got money for that, fuck yeah.’ Wolf replies, ‘I got some stuff,’ ” according to court documents.

On Sept. 10, the informant asked Wolf if he knew where he could buy a firearm. Wolf then sold the informant methamphetamine and an AR-15-style firearm from the “Carter Premises” at 1835 Vine Street in Paso Robles.

“The CHS then asked Wolf if ‘Spooky’ was around to give the CHS a piece (firearm) for protection. Wolf replied, ‘Did you check Trent, he’s your best bet?’ Approximately five minutes later, Wolf told the CHS, ‘Let me make a call and find out if he’s still got it.’ Wolf then made a telephone call on his cell phone,” according to court records.

Early Tuesday morning, FBI agents raided the Wallravin, Wolf and Carter residences and arrested Wallravin and Wolf. The suspects could appear in court later today.

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One Comment about “FBI sting leads to arrests of two SLO County men”

  1. Maria Jeffries says:

    Why no mention of the BATF after all a .223 is involved, why no mention of DA Dannie’s boys, why no mention of SLOSO NTF ? why no mention of the DEA ?

    The FBI’s primary job is not to go after low level street dealers at all , it is a waste of resources and man power let alone $$ The PCI=Paid Confidential Informant is just that they get Paid $$$ immunity and get to lie, entrap and set up people.

    So the snitch is trying to unload the many charges he is facing to get a light or NO conviction or sentence for selling out on a couple of punk’s that are so low level it was a waste of time and monies. How much of our tax dollars were Paid out ?

    My bet is this case if it ever gets to trial will fall apart even if they charge in Federal Court, something is missing here ? isn’t this the same house where the Chief of Police’s son’s Jeep was stolen from ?

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