Cal Poly SLO fraternity accused of waterboarding, video

A Cal Poly fraternity is under investigation after a video of a hazing incident similar to waterboarding was posted on social media.

Earlier this year, during a “beer die match” at Beta Theta Pi, pledges were subjected to “punishment” for failing to score points, according to the Mustang News. While pledges laid on their backs, water was sprayed on their faces.

Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face of a restrained victim, which causes the person to experience symptoms of drowning. In this case, the pledges were not restrained.

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One Comment about “Cal Poly SLO fraternity accused of waterboarding, video”

  1. LTC says:

    This is NOT any sort of ” Water Boarding” real WB-has been used by the US for decades it is not new, it was used in Vietnam by US Military staff from 1965-1969, then it was used in the Korean Conflict by again US Military and Intelligence staff.

    It was used in over 35 known Police agencies in the USA from 1930’s thru the late 1940’s learned from WW II troops, the Police Agencies used the Real WB as was uncovered in the GITMO, Secret Prisons in Thailand, Nevada, Libya and on some of the US Island’s in the South Pacific secret prisons.

    If you take the time to read the now public records on the ‘ Wickersham Commission” from decades ago when US Police were using this to obtain confessions whether guilty or innocent it was used by Police mostly in, California, Texas, Arizona, New York, Mississippi and many other states all by Police.

    The CIA’s Special Activities Division used it until they got caught, so what is the real Water Boarding, the Authentic WB is as follows, first you use a real Board strapped down the subject, use VERY COLD water, the subject is place with handcuffs, shackles, 100% Immobilized, you are tied down completely unable to move any member of your body.

    Extremely Cold water is poured over the thick water soaked cloth, tightly on the subjects nose and mouth, it is not as shown in the silly picture a kid voluntary lying down all hands, legs, face free to move about, NOT restricted and you do NOT use a water stream, this is NOT even close to Water Boarding.

    USA, China, Korea, CCCP and many others have used real WB and some still do, so this big nothing by Cal Poly is a waste of time and a prank, get over it. Join the Military and get the experience in Survival and torture as we are very good at it.

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