Judge again orders SLO County prosecutors to provide records

Chief Deanna Cantrell


Judge Timothy Covello granted a motion on Tuesday to compel prosecutors to provide phone records and other evidence in the case against a couple swept up in the search for San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deanna Cantrell’s misplaced gun.

Cantrell left her pistol in the bathroom of the El Pollo Loco restaurant on July 10. Following up on an inaccurate tip that Cheyne Orndoff had taken the chief’s gun from the restroom, officers conducted a warrantless search of Orndoff and Vanessa Bedroni’s home.

Police failed to find the chief’s gun during the search, but arrested them for child neglect because of a dirty home and paraphernalia found in the couple’s bedroom.

Peter Depew and Jason Dufurrena, attorneys for the couple, filed motions for the chief’s and other officers’ cell phone records and video recordings in an attempt to verify the chief’s account of the incident.

In an attempt to block the release of the chief’s cell phone records,San Luis Obispo administrators hired two private attorneys, Roy Hanley to represent the city and Howard Liberman to represent Cantrell.

In September, Cantrell agreed to release her personal cell phone records. However, prosecutors have failed to provide most of the records sought by the defense.

“We are at somewhat of an impasse,” Dufurrena said on Tuesday. “A third party is not being forthright. We are relying on the DA to make it right.”

Noting that this was the second or third hearing set to discuss the production of records, Covello granted Depew’s motion to compel discovery, and cancelled two hearings scheduled for later this week.

Covello then set a pre-preliminary hearing for Oct. 29. At that time, Covello plans to discuss the production of documents before he sets a preliminary hearing.

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5 Comments about “Judge again orders SLO County prosecutors to provide records”

  1. Mallory says:

    The entire SLOPD is in disarray and confusion and out of control, something has happened in the past few years as the people do NOT have confidence or trust in the Local SLOPD lack of Leadership, the only reason to conceal body cam’s or video’s or 911 calls is to conceal and cover up wrong doings within the Department.

    The many good officers are indeed justified in not trusting the command staff, i have spoken to several recently retired Officers and those getting ready to hang it up soon. Something is indeed seriously wrong in our local PD and the DA’s office. The 4 sitting members and one vacant member of the Civil Service Commission is on edge, the same for the local civil grand jury a bunch of Old friends of several Judges what a scam.

    Do not expect any honest, ethical or factual facts to ever come out on the ongoing corruption in the Office of the District Attorney or the Courts. It is time for the United States Attorney Generals office of public Corruption and Internal affairs, office of public integrity all are a scam to keep the facts from the people.

    Why ??? is the Dog shooting video being concealed, why is the internal sexual misconduct within the DA’s office being covered up ? Come Clean Mr. Dow you profess to be a man of faith ? what faith lies, covers up criminal misconduct and inner office sexual misconduct ?
    your profession of a man of Faith is nothing short of a lie and scam to get votes tell the truth and reveal the truth ? if you have nothing to hide confess you lies and sins and let the people know what really is going on in YOUR office with extra-material affairs, destruction of evidence, promoting staff to hide the illicit sexual misconduct ?

    What and how many Deputy DA’s besides Andy Cadena have been impregnating co-workers ?

    Are you too involved in extramarital affairs ? why did you tell M. Frye to conceal as much as possible ?

  2. Justice.Seeker says:

    Thank you Cal Coast News.

    This kind of Corruption is being completely ignored by most of the other Media. They (the other Media outlets) are obviously NOT true Journalists. Freedom of the Press, comes with the Responsibility to Seek out the Truth, and then Print the Facts. Not just print whatever the Corrupt Politicians say they want printed, as most of those papers and stations do.

    Chief of Police Deanna Cantrell is an embarrassment to All the Good Women & Men who Honorably Protect & Serve the Citizens, as they are Sworn to. Chief of Police Cantrell has lied in her posted video, falsely claiming she took “appropriate actions” to protect her Officers and the Public. When in fact, she purposefully stalled and delayed for almost 8 hours; while her loaded Police Service Weapon was missing. It was “missing” because Chief of Police Deanna Cantrell irresponsibly and with Criminal Neglect “Left it Loaded, unsecured, in a Public Bathroom”, where if not for a man with limited capacities “Finding it” and walking away with it (ultimately turning it in), a young child would have found it, Because that young child was the very Next person to use that Public Bathroom.

    And since then, Chief of Police Deanna Cantrell has been lying, and stalling, and even trying to falsely Prosecute that man with limited capacities; as well as cover-up for her incompetent Police Defectives. Those Police Defectives violated their Sworn oath of office, to up-hold the U.S. Constitution and the Laws of our State, by conducting an Un-lawful Search & Seizure and then they subsequently Falsely Arrested 2 Innocent People. All because of their mis-placed Trust in their careless, Criminally Negligent Chief of Police, Deanna Cantrell.

    Someone in the SLO PD should notify California DOJ (anonymously, if they fear for their job) and get Chief of Police Deanna Cantrell investigated. She is unfit to hold any kind of Public Trust Office; certainly not any sort of Sworn Police Officer position.

  3. Sophia Hernandez says:

    You really want to know the truth, then email the DA’s Public Integrity man and friemd of Dow’s Michael Frye, mfrye@co.slo.ca.us he did the ” Investigation” of the concealment of Andy Cadena another friend of Dow’s.

    He took the demotion under the advice of “Counsel” and is protected by Civil Service Rules and Regulations not one woman is protected against in office affairs, flirts, comments or non-consensual advancements.

    Send Mr. Cadena a DDA who accepted the demotion to pay for the new baby he has by a office employee who got a promotion and no discipline as it takes two to tangle. Email Andy who is or was married acadena@co.slo.ca.us see if he responds as he is hiding under his new desk as out of sight of the Courts and others. Shame on the entire process of protecting the perpetrator and not the Victims, oh yea their are more victims….

  4. H Denny says:

    STOP the waste of tax dollars, obey the rule of law, release all the tapes, calls, notes, settlements, all electronic communications, release the “New” (GO) phones you all bought after the fact to cover up the calls. The time has come for all good people to bring forth the facts, truth and most of all NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

    Hiding behind lawyers, wasting our monies we have two or three full time City Lawyers why hire more ? oh unless you have something to hide…..

    Breaking in homes, false arrests, deleting and altering records, lying, deceiving the courts and concealment of wrong doings, from Killing Dogs, to Raping woman (Chris McGuire X Cop) case and allowing him to go free, now a crooked Deputy DA in Cadena who now got a co-worker pregnant and he is married to someone else ? Then the DA promotes her to keep her silent ? WTF

  5. Luke Harriss' says:

    If it was not for this News CCN/CCT the case would have been covered up, thank goodness we have a wonderful Judge who will not allow any DA or Police wrong doings, the Brady Rule applies here as well as many other cases.

    What does the Police have to hide ? what does the DA have to hide ? while they are at it, release the illegal shooting of a dog who died, the reason we have body cams is to be transparent and open so we the public will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

    We are having so many cover ups in Police and the DA’s office, recently Dan was forced to secretly demote one of his star Deputy DA’s Andy Cadena, for serious inner office Sexual Misconduct with a subordinate employee who got pregnant.

    As Mr. DDA Cadena, ran for Judge last year and lost, Dan demoted him and now his him doing petty Misdemeanor filing no more court prosecutions. The subordinate suddenly got a Huge Promotion to supervising DA Clerk, so how does Justice prevail in secret ?

    Mr. DDA Cadena a married person, apparently has a long history of leaving the USA on one person ? Trips ? ya right alone doubt it. The local Justice system needs to come clean from the PD’s to the District Attorney’s office.

    Several co-workers are outraged at this quid quo pro deal, keep it secret as it is a ” Personnel” matter and thus will not be known to we the tax payers ? Next is a State Bar Complaint against DDA Cadena for misconduct, unlawful moral turpitude, UN-ethical conduct and so much more, next stop a complaint to the Attorney General and local Grand Jury..

    Thanks to freedom of the Press CCN/CCT

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