AG City Council considering a 60 percent pay raise

Mayor Caren Ray


The Arroyo Grande City Council will consider granting itself a 60 percent pay raise at its meeting on Tuesday, according to the agenda.

In September, Mayor Caren Ray-Russom asked staff to review council member salaries because other city councils were receiving more money. City council stipends were originally provided to cover the cost of attending meetings, but have since grown to include large benefit packages.

And while Arroyo Grande’s $405 monthly city council pay is the lowest, their medical package is the second largest in San Luis Obispo County, making their monthly pay with benefits in the upper range.

Monthly pay with health benefits for a council member and two dependents:

Arroyo Grande – $2,122

Atascadero – $1,414

Grover Beach – $600

Morro Bay – $1,138

Paso Robles – $2,158

Pismo Beach – $2,875

San Luis Obispo – $2,596

While looking to increase their monthly pay, the city council is also working to raise residential utility bills.

Currently experiencing a $3.5 million shortfall for infrastructure repairs, city officials are considering raising water and wastewater rates, and initiating a stormwater management tax.

On Tuesday, the council will consider four options: vote to increase their salaries by 60 percent; vote to increase council member salaries by 60 percent, with Ray-Russom in line for an even higher increase; make no changes; or provide staff with different instructions.

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2 Comments about “AG City Council considering a 60 percent pay raise”

  1. Justice.Seeker says:

    None of these Council People are worth the cost to us Taxpayers.
    Why should we pay them, when they can’t or won’t handle our City’s Finances responsibly?

  2. bernie says:

    Should have another option: Pay for Council Member Insurance ONLY and increase pay! $2122 A MONTH for health insurance is ridiculous!

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