SLO man files lawsuit against Juul


A San Luis Obispo man filed a lawsuit Thursday against Juul over alleged injuries he suffered while using the company’s vapes. [KSBY]

In the suit he filed in the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court, Nick Limpangug says that as a young adult he suffered serous injuries as a result of vaping. Juul Labs produces electronic cigarettes.

Limpangug accuses Juul of negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit. Specifically, the suit claims Juul deliberately markets to minors and young adults “falsely advertising its e-cigarette system as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.”

Amid increasing scrutiny from federal regulators, multiple former users and a former employee have filed lawsuits against Juul.

Late last month, the former employee accused Juul in a lawsuit of terminating him after he raised safety concerns.

Juul argues its products are intended to help adults quit smoking cigarettes and that they are working to curb underage use.

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