Jury awards Santa Barbara whistleblower $1.28 million


The city of Santa Barbara lost a $1.28 million lawsuit to a former employee who said she was terminated after voicing safety concerns. [Santa Barbara Independent]

Amid a shortage in dispatchers, in early 2016, police department brass decided to lower testing score requirements from 90 to 65 percent. Bridget Bryden, a dispatcher for 24 years, noted her concerns that lowering standards could result in health and safety risks to officers and the public.

According to the suit, shortly after she voiced her concerns, police department brass fired her.

The city argued that Bryden quit, and was not fired.

Nevertheless, the jury voted 11-1 to award her $1.28 million.

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  1. rjakelian says:

    Fire the brass For taking short cuts, why PG&E is in a mess, taking short cuts, trying to save money which ends up costing more in the long run…

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