CMC sewage spill contaminates Chorro Creek


San Luis Obispo County health officials are warning the public to avoid Chorro Creek and the estuary after 33,000 gallons of sewage spilled from the California Men’s Colony on Thursday morning.

A power failure of the ultraviolet system was determined to be the culprit in the spill of partially treated sewage. After the sewage was treated to secondary standards, the plant released the waste without it going through the final UV treatment process.

From there, the sewage flowed into Chorro Creek and the estuary.

County staffers posted signs in areas impacted by the sewage spill.

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One Comment about “CMC sewage spill contaminates Chorro Creek”

  1. Freeman says:

    This and similar spills have happened numerous times in the past from CMC. What the heck is going on there where they can’t control their sewage. Someone should be held accountable.

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