E. Coli linked to romaine lettuce from Salinas


Federal health official are asking people to avoid eating romaine lettuce grown in Salinas because of a food poisoning outbreak. Also, avoid any of the leafy green that does not include a label saying where it was grown.

Between Sept.24 and Nov. 10, 40 people across 16 states, including California, were infected with E. Coli. No one died because of the E. coli outbreak.

FDA investigators traced the contaminated lettuce to farms in Salinas. They are working to determine the contamination source.

Symptoms typically develop three to four days after eating or drinking something that contains E. coli. An E. coli infection can result in high fever, blood in the stool and so much vomiting that one cannot keep liquids down.

Anyone who develops these symptoms is instructed to contact a healthcare provider. Antibiotics are generally not recommended for E. coli infections.