SLO County moving ahead with $20 million animal shelter


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to move ahead with plans to build a $20 million animal services facility, in a joint funding agreement with the seven cities. The supervisors awarded the construction contract to F&H Construction out of Lodi.

In 2015, the SLO County Board of Supervisors decided it would not be cost effective to make further investments in the county’s currently dilapidated animal shelter, which was constructed around 1975. Originally, county and city officials reached a cost-sharing agreement, with an estimated cost of $14.5 million.

Officials attribute the project cost increase to high demand statewide for design and construction of infrastructure projects, as well as a labor shortage and tariffs on building materials. Also, the county discovered the site of the project, which is near the current shelter off of Highway 1 on Oklahoma Road, has the same soil stability issues that have plagued the existing facility.

Under the agreement, the cities that have the highest demand for animal services pay the most. Paso Robles has the highest share of the project cost among cities, followed by Atascadero and San Luis Obispo.

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