SLO New Time’s Shredder spreads misinformation

Julie Tacker


The factual inaccuracies in the latest San Luis Obispo New Times Shredder column titled “Drama machine,” show a desperate attempt to produce drama and a failure to accurately report the news.

While trying to draw a parallel between the partisan disagreements at the SLO County Board of Supervisors and the Oceano Community Services District Board’s latest tussle, the Shredder claimed three conservative members of the Oceano board attempted to block a liberal environmentalist, Cynthia Replogle, from serving on any committees.

Sorry to have to inform the Shredder, but the two Oceano directors who motioned to block Replogle, Karen White and Shirley Gibson, are both liberal Democrats. The Shredder’s epiphany appears to be based on a badly made guess that the bullies were Republicans, which a few minutes of research could have corrected.

This was not a partisan move at all, this is the life-long old guard of Oceano and Halcyon circling the wagons to protect what they believe is the preferred way of life for their depressed community. Replogle is a refreshing voice for progressive change.

In another paragraph, the Shredder inaccurately maligns the south county community with claims that John Wallace used to be the Oceano district’s administrator while the Wallace Group provided engineering services. It appears the Shredder is aware Wallace was convicted of conflicts of interest for funneling money to his engineering firm while serving as the administrator of a public entity.

But sorry Shredder, you’ve mixed up your public entities. The Oceano Community Services District and the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District, where Wallace was a former administrator, are two different agencies. Oops!

While it is clear the Shredder is no fan of my “incessant crap-stirring,” the New Times editor cannot champion Replogle’s right to free speech and quash mine at the same time. Knowing that many Oceano residents would likely stand up to the old guard, I filed a formal complaint – also known as a Cure and Correct Demand — to compel the district to do the right thing and rehear the matter.

The Shredder is seriously out of touch and the inaccurate reporting is damaging to our community.

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  1. honestjohn says:

    This is the New Times we have known from the beginning. Yellow journalism at its best with little regard for the truth or for how their false reporting hurts other people. The New Times: an immoral rag without a conscience.

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