Big rig truck carrying chickens overturns on Highway 166


A big rig truck that was carrying live chickens overturned on Highway 166 early Friday morning after reportedly colliding with another semi truck.

At about 5:30 a.m., two big rigs collided while making a sharp turn on Highway 166 east of Highway 101. One trailer then overturned and ended up on the right shoulder.

Responders erected a temporary fence to keep the chickens contained on the shoulder and to prevent them from crossing the road.

Additionally, a representative from Western Grain and Milling reportedly came out to the scene with a truck and personnel to help pick up the chickens. This truck was not supposed to arrive until several hours following the collision, though.

Neither of the truck drivers suffered injuries. It is unclear whether any of the chickens were injured.

The collision temporarily affected traffic on Highway 166.

On Thursday, Highway 166 was closed from Maricopa to Highway 101 as a result of poor weather conditions and multiple crashes. Additionally, Highway 33 was closed south of Highway 166, and Interstate 5 was shuttered at the Grapevine because of snow.

The closures resulted in heavy traffic in San Luis Obispo County. Highway 166 reopened later Thursday.