French Hospital provided unlicensed infant care, state finds

French Hospital


French Hospital Medical Center provided care last fall for infants whom the facility was not licensed to handle, according to a California Department of Public Health ruling. [KSBY]

The San Luis Obispo hospital’s violation of state rules pertains to the facility providing care for infants younger than the age it was licensed to handle. French Hospital contends the violation was merely a formality stemming from not filing the proper paperwork.

Following an investigation last October, the Department of Public Health substantiated a complaint against French Hospital alleging the facility was operating as a Level II Acute Care Nursery, despite not having a license to do so. With Level II status, a California hospital can provide care for infants 32 weeks and older.

At the time, French Hospital only had a Level I status, which allowed them to care for infants 35 weeks and older.

French Hospital CEO Alan Iftiniuk said, months prior to the investigation, the facility put in place doctors, nurses and equipment in order to start accepting babies 32 weeks and older. Extensive training was also conducted, Iftiniuk said.

But, Iftiniuk acknowledged French Hospital failed to obtain state approval.

The state ordered French Hospital to stop accepting 32-week-old infants until it obtained level II status.