California refuses to disclose coronavirus information by county

Gavin Newsom


As the coronavirus continues to spread in California, state health officials are refusing to disclose which counties have confirmed cases, while county health departments are providing conflicting information regarding precautionary steps the public should take.

There are currently 133 confirmed cases, not including those on the Grand Princess Cruise Ship docked outside Oakland, and two deaths in California. And while it appears there are specific counties in the state more impacted by the virus, state health officials refuse to disclose statistical information by county, allegedly to protect the privacy of the afflicted.

On the Central Coast, according to county health officials, two people in Ventura County have tested positive for the virus. No one has tested positive in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Monterey counties.

Adding to the confusion is the varied information released from public health officials in different counties.

Last week, Santa Clara County health officials urged residents to postpone or cancel large gatherings, and for businesses to have employees work from home when possible. At the same time, Los Angeles health officials were recommending people engage in their regular activities, and practice good public health hygiene.

Santa Clara County, with 43 confirmed cases and one death, on Monday issued a mandatory ban on gatherings of 1,000 people or more.

And while the state is refusing to disclose the number of cases in each county, local health officials appear to be more transparent. Some of the counties impacted include Los Angeles with 16 cases; at lease nine cases in Contra Costa County; San Diego County has two cases; and Fresno County has one travel-related case.

Across California, some schools and universities have closed or moved classes online, and many large gatherings have been canceled.Several staffers at Cal Poly in SLO, note ongoing discussions over possible closures.

“Classes at Cal Poly are continuing as usual at this time,” according to Matt Lazier, Cal Poly director of media relations.

Currently, there are at least 804 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States. Of the 28 people who have died from the virus, 23 were in Washington state, two in California, two in Florida and one in New Jersey.

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  1. seeker says:

    Some quick subtraction – and I welcome correction – would seem to indicate there are 62 cases out there somewhere not accounted for in your report, above. I can’t help but wonder if the reason there are no confirmed cases in some counties is that no tests have been received i.e. no tests have been made?

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