FBI agents raid SLO County government offices


FBI agents swarmed into the San Luis Obispo County Government Center on Monterey Street early Wednesday morning, serving a sealed search warrant.

While county officials are remaining mum about the raid, it appears to include Supervisor Adam Hill’s office on the fourth floor. For more than five years, CalCoastNews has reported allegations of corruption surrounding Hill, several developers and a group of marijuana businessmen.

“At 7:10 a.m. today, the FBI served the County of San Luis Obispo a search and seizure warrant under seal,” said Wade Horton, county administrator. “The county is complying with the warrant and allowing the FBI to conduct their investigation at the County Government Center.”

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8 Comments about “FBI agents raid SLO County government offices”

  1. Spencer says:

    While the corruption grows and crime is on the rise, learned today that three local criminals are now being protected by SLOPD as paid informants as they continue to commit crimes, from burglary, home invasions, selling and using drugs, shop lifting .

    Happy to see the FBI doing what should have been done long ago, but one Agent said more is coming, they are fully aware that San Luis Obispo Police Department has been paying off the books these informants. Remember these names Ronnie Williamson, Jacob C Johnson who uses a phony name of R.J. Whittacker is a convicted Criminal but never gets busted again for his crimes because he is a paid informant.

    This Jake Johnson was a poster boy in New TIMES back in a story, Feb-4-2015, as a “Tax Payer Funded” Drug and Alcohol Graduate in lieu of Prison again. He in reality failed and is still a “Paid Informant” for SLO Police Dept. he is one who apparently testified in a recent Grand Jury against major Drug dealing suspects that were recently arrested.

    This informant then gets out of his crimes , for being a PD informant as well he is still dealing drugs, robberies , home invasions, stole a Gun, even according to one Agent that is why they do NOT use San Luis Police as a valid source or involve the PD in local cases.

    Agents are still here doing warrants and seizures without the local Police knowing until after the raids are over. Their is a major shortage of Police working in SLO so crime is now, thus far this year to date is UP 57%.

    The City needs to get a New Chief and New Mayor along with a New DA.

  2. Jer BoraJ says:

    As the warrants and search and seizure are sealed by a Federal Judge, more is to come, check out the long list of connections.

    OG CORONA INVESTORS,LLC William Szymczak, Dogulas Crapo, Esq State Bar Id # 225287 SLO, 11 Wild Horse Lane, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 and 21765 Temescal Canyon Road, Corona, CA 92883
    1043 Pacific St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

    OG Investors, LLC 21515 Hawthorne Blvd. # 150, Torrance, CA 90503

    NHC Grover Beach, LLC 7510 Los Osos Valley, Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 ( Helios Dayspring)

    Ag Investors Holdings, LLC 11299 Bethany Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

    VMG Holdings, LLC 7510 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

    OG Investors, LLC 11 Wildhorse lane, Rollings Hills Estates, CA 90274

    NHC Grover Beach, LLC (Helios Dayspring) 7510 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

    7510 LOVR, LLC 8405 San Gregorio Road, Atascadero, CA 93422

    H & G Sales, 9000 San Gregorio Road, Atascadero, CA 93422 aka Blackwater 705 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

    PO Box 3358 Paso Robles, CA 93446 (Helios Dayspring)

    NHC ( Natural Healing Center) NHC Grover Beach, LLC ( Helios Dayspring) 7510 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 aka ( Preservation Partners)
    Ag Investment Holdings, Inc.
    Names and affiliates;

    William Szymczak
    Adel Girgis
    Jake German
    A. German
    Heidi Harmon
    Lynn Compton
    Kurt Swan
    Valnette Garcia
    Douglas Crapo
    J. Lee

    All the companies say they are, Investors, Owners, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Farming, Sales, Developments, Real Estate Investments, Processing companies.

    This is the very short list, more to come from IRS, FBI, DEA, DHS, CBP, CHP,Federal Grand Juries all secret and sealed. Several local Police Agencies are not in the loop due to inside leaks. This is a long term Federal Probe and more searches and seizures to come, seizing records, emails, phone and text messages from Public sites, burner phones, financial records and failure to file S.A.R., reports aka Suspicious Activity Reports as required by Federal Statutes of money laundering, Political Finance reporting .

    This is step one in many more steps ongoing, Political campaign donations not reported, cash donations not filed with the FPPC. If you check all the States of California, Delaware, Nevada Secretaries of State.

    In the past several weeks their have been 4 major arrests and large amounts of Heroin, Cash, Guns, Satellite Phones, Burner Phones, Methamphetamine and Fentanyl, Cocaine. They will try to get the low level arrested people to “Flip” to get to the Major people at the Top, some bringing in from Nogales, Douglas, Calexico, San Luis, Algodones, Tecate all on the Border with the USA in Arizona, California and New Mexico that usually means the ” Cartels” the companies are affiliated with Marijuana dispensers.

    San Luis Obispo is a high level transporting spot for some really dangerous people and dangerous laundering and cash is King….

    Selling items like Cloths, Jewelry, Shoes, high end via Credit Cards is one of the means to really buy drugs, guns and young woman laundering by Credit Cards. This is the beginning albeit in the works for a very long time.

    1. CASH says:

      WOW ! Thank goodness we have a media in CCN, CCT uncovering this for the safety of us all go Karen Velie you have uncovered the big boys now.

  3. honestjohn says:

    Hey Dan Dow! Do you figure this means you can keep hiding from pursuing crooks like Hill in our local government? Bill Worrell? Ray Biering? Integrated Waste Management staff and contractors who stole millions and you’ve got the evidence to prove it? I imagine you will see this as your opportunity to sidestep any pressure to prosecute criminals in local government even when you’ve got the “goods” on them. “The FBI is taking care of it”, right? Yes, you are a politician (in the worst meaning of the word). Hide Dan Hide!
    Look out…Karma is in town!

    1. CASH says:

      Dan D. DA is in over his head, corruption at the highest levels of Government that is why the Feds are leaving him his office and San Luis Obispo Police Dept. out of the Loop. They are not to be trusted…………………………………………….

    2. Spencer says:

      Adam Hill is just the start of a long ongoing Federal Investigation of multiple Federal and two State Agencies. He is not the only one being probed.

      Watch for more to come out in the weeks ahead and more Federal Sealed, glad to know at least the Federal Government is now on the trail of local corruption, money laundering Tax Evasion and Fraud.

    1. Gwill. says:

      Ops one more paid Informant they still use is Karen White who was once Joshua Walsh’s informant he let her go time after time for serious crimes

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