Second SLO County resident tests positive coronavirus


A second San Luis Obispo County resident has tested positive for the coronavirus, an individual from South County. Another South County resident, suspected to have the virus, is currently hospitalized while medical personnel await test results.

The second positive test sample was taken from an adult under the age of 60, with significant underlying health conditions. The individual is recovering in isolation at home until cleared by health officials.

On Saturday, county health officials confirmed the first positive test result, a North County resident over the age of 65, with underlying health conditions. The individual is currently recovering in isolation at their home.

Last week, the County Public Health Laboratory conducted over 100 tests for coronavirus. This second positive test result was reported to SLO County Public Health by a private-sector laboratory.

“Because local testing capacity increased both at our public lab and at private-sector labs last week, we will likely see more confirmed cases in the coming days,” said County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein. “We are looking at all of our options to limit the spread of illness to keep our community healthy and safe. It’s now vital for everyone to do their part to limit social gatherings, practice social distancing and practice good hygiene.”

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