13 cases of coronavirus in SLO County

There are currently at least 13 confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County, up from seven case yesterday, according to the county health department.

People from throughout the county haves tested positive for the virus. Five of the infected people live in South County, five live in North County and three reside on the coast.

At 5 p.m. on Thursday, shelter at home rules went into effect. Residents are required to stay at home, and to avoid unnecessary travel and socializing. Multiple exemptions exist including permitting employees of essential businesses to leave their homes to work.

In addition, all public and private gatherings, regardless of the number of attendees, are prohibited.

As of March 18,there were a total of 675 positive cases and 16 deaths in California. This total does not include passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship currently docked in Oakland.

Ages of all confirmed positive cases:

Age 0-17: 13 cases
Age 18-64: 448 cases
Age 65+: 209 cases
Unknown: 5 cases

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