Doctor’s integrative perspective on the coronavirus, part 2

Gary Foresman MD

By Dr. Gary Foresman

This will be part of a series of updates focusing on the prevention and treatment of this novel coronavirus. Please start with Part I (found here). Be clear, the goal of education is empowerment, to end any role ignorance and misinformation plays in the realm of public decision-making.

First, the bad news. America has not prepared for the pandemic. Everyone with even mild cold symptoms should be tested and we would be able to proactively find and quarantine cases to minimize community spread.

So,all of us are “flying blind.” Please use this as an opportunity to learn. The CDC is a branch of the pharmaceutical industry and when they can’t push a drug or vaccine, they allow an infection to run rampant and unchecked,instead of performing as part of the public health system.

The good news: we all have to learn how to take care of ourselves! The last response should be panic,as stress worsens immunity. Am I restricting unnecessary travel? Yes, that is prudent, not fearful. Let’s give you good reference sites to reinforce our recommendations, this orthomolecular website provides especially good reviews on vitamin C. Next is a more comprehensive website, which is a great reference for integrative healing.

Iwish to further expand on the treatment recommendations from China, which has the greatest experience with this disease. In “Expert consensus on comprehensive treatment of coronavirus disease in Shanghai 2019” from the Shanghai Medical Association the most effective therapy found is intravenous vitamin C!

For prevention for everyone,I am adding one new recommendation, everyone should start vitamin C (I prefer “complete”C supplements like Systemic C and Ester C as they are also buffered and not as acidic) 1000mg by mouth three times daily. Yes, you must spread it through the day.

Whereas relatively low doses orally I think will help preventively, higher doses of oral vitamin C may not be enough for treatment. As you know,we use a higher dose than this (1000 mg every two to three hours) in our “Acute Viral Protocol.”

What would I do if I was going to a concert, or taking a plane flight, or any situation where my exposure risk was higher? I would get the IV Myer’s cocktail with 10 grams of C, that should have an effect lasting three to seven days.

What would I do if I had cold symptoms or early cough, malaise, fever? I would step-up to the Immune Drip with 25 grams of vitamin C. I would do that IV daily if I could(until symptoms resolve).

Doses of 25 grams or less have no danger, no negatives of any kind. For people requiring hospital care, they probably won’t be offered this life-saving treatment as the CDC/WHO is actively suppressing this knowledge coming from medical experts from China. It will be your job and your family’s job to request help for your infected family members who seek standardWestern care.

People in the area who can also do nutritional IVs include:

Ken Starr MD (805) 319-7372

Darya Boland ND (805) 226-5190

•We will add others as we find who is willing to see patients possibly affected by coronavirus. For our patients around the country and globe, look for integrative medicine practitioners willing to help you through this pandemic.

Dr. Gary Foresman is an integrative medical doctor with 25 years of experience in reversing chronic conditions and health challenges that often seem insurmountable.

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