Natural Healing Center in SLO red-tagged

Inside Natural Healing Center in Grover Beach


San Luis Obispo city officials shut down construction of a marijuana shop on Broad Street because owner Helios Dayspring did not get permits for construction. It is the second time that permitting issues have shut down work on marijuana shops in the city.

After securing one of three coveted pot shop permits, marijuana kingpin Helios Dayspring started construction on his Natural Healing Center in early March. But he did not have the necessary authorization. In order to proceed, Dayspring will need to procure demolition and construction permits.

Late last year, a SLO inspector halted construction at Megan’s Organic Market because the applicants had failed to procure a building permit. While Megan Souza and Eric Powers applied for a permit to rehab a bathroom at the site of the former Drum Circuit on Higuera Street, they did not apply for a construction permit for the shop.

With a copy of the bathroom permit posted outside, Souza and Powers demolished the inside of the whole building and began framing walls, work that was not covered under the bathroom permit.

Even though the SLO City Council voted in 2018 to allow three retail pot shops, none have opened. The third permit winner, Elemental Wellness, was disqualified after a questionable interview with a SLO police detective, and SLOCal Roots slipped into the third spot.

Dayspring has a history of operating beyond the limits of his permits and approvals. It has led to multiple violations at his many marijuana farms.

Questions have arisen over Dayspring’s Natural Healing Center that operates in Grover Beach. California’s cannabis laws prohibit the consumption or smoking of the product at retail shops or in public places. The law also forbids the free distribution of pot.

Three former employees of the Grover Beach store said their boss regularly consumed marijuana products at his shop, and sometimes entertained public officials upstairs. These workers, who have asked to remain unnamed for their own safety, said Dayspring also gave free cannabis products to three public officials involved in developing local pot legislation.

For example, one former employee said they delivered complimentary pot to SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s home. The deliveries were worth between $300 and $400, they said.

The employees said Dayspring also violated rules banning the free distribution of marijuana, as well as the rule against allowing smoking in public places. A video shows Dayspring at a 2019 employee Christmas party at the Pismo Beach pier, where he laid out free pot products for anyone on the pier, while a group of people passed around a bong.

San Luis Obispo City officials, eager to collect marijuana taxes, are working with Dayspring to help him quickly secure construction permits.

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4 Comments about “Natural Healing Center in SLO red-tagged”

  1. GS-15 says:

    Well now that some of the secrets are out, let me tell you some more that will soon be released once the Judge and AUSA allow. It so Helios Dayspring as you all know by now has many drug related operations and businesses and some people in his pocket.

    His Girl Friend is Valnette M. Garcia at 7510 LOVR, SLO the same name of the new Helios Pot business and his address all public. What you did not know is that their new enterprise all on the records is VMG Holdings, LLC at 7510 Los Osos Valley Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

    This just happens to be the initials of his Girlfriend VMG=Valnette M. Garcia former owner of SKYEHIGH CORP., State ID # C2524204 where her X Angel and her ran a illegal Business in 2003 with some VERY high ranking south of the Border Dealers.

    She later connected with Helios and are a couple she is the “Investment Banker” under the guise of VMG Holdings, LLC at 7510 LOVR in San Luis Obispo, CA 93405. Keep an eye on some land in Escrow along Buckley Rd., Farmhouse lane in San Luis Obispo, CA for the new owners of about 2+ Acres.

    Keep these names as well Issa Azat, Esq. “Gino” aka Giovanni Giannelli, folks of SLO this is going to get bigger and more dangerous than you think, this is not just about “POT” Shops but is a much larger matter, money laundering, Human Trafficking, Home Invasions, Gang Turf wars, Cartel pay backs and control of a large Central Coast Region.

    A power play is taking place and it is not looking good, some many dealers are using phony LLC’s Inc’s and more to launder funds and deal in more than just “POT” I must say when we got told of this story today by another Agency we too were shocked some News group knew this much.

    As long as the FBI, IRS-CID, DEA, USDOJ, State DOJ, LEIU, CNIN, WSIN and so many more LEO’s are engaged you should be fine in the future but make no mistake your community is no what it once was, nor will it be again.

    1. Mick O says:

      Their are so many “Holding Companies” all affiliated with the same people, a quick check of the states business sites revealed so much more here locally. Pretty dumb to use your own name and initials as a company name, now the banks know will conduct a Suspicious Activity Report to the US Treasury and IRS.

      Bethel Holdings came up as connected to these people

  2. seeker says:

    Wow. Check out the building he is doing in Grover, too. I guarantee it is not compliant with the permits issued- see solar and sewer. Grover officials and police choose to look the other way when it’s something Adam Hill, John Shoals, Jeff Lee, Mariam Shah, Bill Nicolls, Barbara Nicolls (complicit council members) favor – whether it’s cannabis or sexual harassment or banning church members from their property or South County Sanitation District or the Integrated Waste Management Authority(IWMA)…the list goes on and on.

    1. Mick O says:

      I must say to the seeker, i too agree so many more need to be investigated, indicted, arrested and charged. I remember “Watergate” follow the Money, well that is still the same, follow the money all these PAC’s, under ground donations, fake fund raisers, cash flowing to those who are in the dirt.

      No one is immune to the money grab, we need a house cleaning from the top down and corruption apparently does exist in our town, never though i would see the day it was clear now to see.

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