Man arrested for stabbing two juvenile relatives in Heritage Ranch

Romen Homero DeLeon

A 39-year-old Las Vegas man allegedly stabbed two of his juvenile relatives during a fight Wednesday evening in Heritage Ranch.

Romen Homero DeLeon entered into a heated argument with a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old in a residence on the 4900 block of Buck Tail Lane. DeLeon allegedly stabbed both of the teens at about 7:30 p.m. and then fled the area.

During the fight, DeLeon was also stabbed, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly later, deputies stopped DeLeon’s car near the intersection of 24th Street and Riverside Avenue in Paso Robles.

Before his arrest, emergency personnel transported DeLeon to a local hospital for treatment.

Upon release from the hospital, officers booked DeLeon into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm and willful cruelty to a child causing possible injury or death, with his bail set at $500,000.

The victims’ injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

DeLeon was previously arrested for holding his girlfriend hostage and assaulting her. In 2011, following an argument at a Morro Bay hotel, DeLeon took his girlfriend’s cell phone, restrained her, attacked her and then fled the scene prior to being caught, Morro Bay police said at the time.

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2 Comments about “Man arrested for stabbing two juvenile relatives in Heritage Ranch”

  1. Kennie says:

    this doper is a local wannabe white rapper, used to work got fired from every job he ever had sales dope was in and out of jail many times he claims he is a famous singer rapper and draws on skate boards he is a junkie his parents a few years ago bailed his ass out and hired local lawyer to defend him

    he still uses smack needle freak methaphine and smoke so much weed he is a walking cloud of smoke where can i safely tell you where he hangs out and he owes lots of cash to lots of people we were told he was an rat for the cops so that makes sense now that he is running all over he used to hand out in atascadero where he has broken in to many homes in the past and still is a home burglariey steals anyting for a fix. will await a response to let you know even the AB’s do not like him

  2. Scott says:

    Very Proud and Happy to See both Sheriff’s office and Morro Bay PD, doing what should be done in San Luis Obispo PD.

    Case in point on the early afternoon of 2-21-20 at approx. 2:05 PM in thew afternoon a violent attacked occurred in the SLO City owned Parking lot behind the Marsh street Post Office, all in broad daylight and video cam’s.

    Not only did SLO PD fail to respond in several 911 calls they said ” We have NO Officers to send” no officers to send to a violent assault with over 5 witnesses ? The suspect was 100% ID by cameras, witnesses and the victim me. His many names are R.J. Whittacker or JC Johnson, or Jake JJ, or his real name Jacob C Johnson a known convict who also turns out to be a ‘SLOPD” paid informant and snitch.

    SLOPD failed to properly and fully investigate even lying saying they talked to all witnesses and showed photo line ups . That is a flat out Lie by SLOPD, several witnesses confirmed him to the the attacker, as well as me, the other witnesses still has not been contacted by the detective Evan Stradley a transplant from Santa Maria, PD.

    The case # from nearly two months ago is #200221063, the violent attacker is a well know local informant, snitch, heroin dealer, has a long history of home burglaries, stealing items, stole a gun Atascadero. He has a history of drug use and now is considered to be armed and very dangerous yet SLOPD is allowing him to wonder the streets unabated.

    So as other Outside agencies whom do NOT trust SLOPD have been doing cases in SLO City they do not trust SLOPD too many misconduct issues too many liars within the ranks of the command.

    The Grand Jury, DA’S office, State DOJ, Deputy assistant DA Dobroth is aware, as is Captain Amoroso, Officer Marisa Womack, case was sent to detective Evan Stradley who seems to be lost in the case on what to do ?

    Well he should have interviewed me ? he never did, he should have viewed the videos in the parking lot, and nearby banks, he should have interviewed all witness but he did NOT the main one who can ID the suspect has NOT been contacted by him or seen a line up. The suspect is featured in New Times story 2-4-15 his picture is posted.

    If you or anyone have any leads on this wanted suspect please post, a $ reward is being offered, as SLOPD seems to want to protect one of their snitches who is now armed and a danger to the public, is allowing him to wonder freely selling Heroin and Meth.

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