Man arrested for stabbing outside SLO liquor store

Brian O’Neal Twyman

An altercation between two homeless men outside a San Luis Obispo liquor store on Thursday turned into a stabbing, resulting in one man going to the hospital and the other to jail, according to police.

At about 12:30 p.m., the two homeless men began arguing outside the SLO Beverage ’n More at 158 Higuera Street. Brian O’Neal Twyman, 49 pulled a knife and slashed Nathan Ryland, 49, in the stomach.

Twyman then fled the scene. Shortly afterwards, officers tracked Twyman down and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. 

An ambulance transported Ryland to a local hospital for treatment for his injuries.

Ryland said he did not know Twyman prior to the altercation. However, the two men are known to stay in the area where the altercation occurred.

An investigating into the incident is ongoing. Anyone who has additional information about the incident is asked to contact the SLO Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

Twyman remains in custody with his bail set at $50,000.

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One Comment about “Man arrested for stabbing outside SLO liquor store”

  1. Scott says:

    SLOPD is NOT telling the public the truth on suspects they want to conceal, protect and cover up, as a Vicitm on 2-21-20 at about 2 PM in the afternoon in the City owned Parking structure behind the Marsh street, Post Office.

    The suspect a well know to the SLOPD is a “Protected Snitch” or Informant, not only did SLOPD respond in a rapid manner, they said to all those who called 911 they did NOT have ANY officers to respond to a Assault and Battery in progress ?

    When they finally did the witnesses had to wait nearly one month of an alleged photo Line up ? of their protected Criminal Informant got away I was able to find out within one hour who the suspect was and he has a long criminal record from Drug dealing of Heroin and Meth, Burglaries one in which he stole a Gun. The SLOPD after a 6 week period finally called me only wanting to know ” How did I know who the suspect was ” as he is a protected criminal snitch ?

    They (SLOPD) could have cared less that crime and violent crime in SLO is on the increase, not the decrease as they have falsely told the public. The suspect is Jacob C Johnson also know as “White Rapper” R.J. Whittacker” age 30 yet SLOPD could NOT find him ? well I and several others found him within minutes ?

    To date they told me they can not find him ? this person is a known Drug dealer, Convict, Armed and dangerous yet SLOPD protects him ? So as KSBY reported the Police told them any witnesses can be anonymous that is a Lie, they can not nor will they keep any witnesses anonymous .

    Violent crime is on the increase and witnesses now do NOT trust SLOPD, as they have lied to the Media and the public. Still this Armed and Violent suspect is still on the loose. The Chief of Police has her own issues but that should not stop the SLOPD from doing their professional Jobs unless they have something to conceal .

    SLO citizens need to be told the truth and facts they do not nor will they protect any witnesses, especially if the suspect is one of there informants on the payroll. Corruption is rampant in SLOPD, I have spoken to several of the witnesses and the PD still has not contacted them ? wonder why ?

    Now I know why several local Law Enforcement agencies and State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies will NOT inform SLOPD of cases they are working within SLO City limits they do NOT Trust them at all. Thus other agencies have asked ME not to deal with SLOPD as they have ongoing criminal probes into not only this suspect but SLOPD officers who are Dirty.

    It was the FBI who had to arrest and indict the last corrupt SLOPD Officer Cory Pierce and three others. Citizens be aware if you see or are a victim of a serious crime call the Sheriffs office or the State DOJ.

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