Wake up, it’s time to save SLO County’s economy


From the third grade on, and then on to the Wharton School of Business, I was taught to understand that money has to be backed by something of value such as gold, silver or seashells, before you can spend it, or at some point you go broke, bankrupt, to jail or commit suicide.

Did any of our politicians or voters even go to kindergarten and play with pennies, nickels, and dimes in their past? Or do they just want to play with our children’s disastrous, bankrupted future by printing large amounts of Monopoly money, so they can pretend that they are paying our bills? We’re heading over the cliff, folks! Not if – but when.

It can’t not happen = double negative.

I understand why folks are staying at home.

I understand why folks don’t want to get too close to other people.

I understand why we shut down the world.

I understand why our government is wanting to give people free money.

But, I also understand all our government bodies are setting the good old USA, and the world, up for a gigantic financial collapse. And unless we find a few solid, intelligent, thoughtful, and bold local politicians to save San Luis Obispo County, we will be a part of this collapse.

We have to open up local businesses here at home as soon as is reasonably possible. Of course, with the advice and counsel of medical experts, as well as financial experts. How many of you even know what a trillion dollars is, and how many decades we, us, you and me and our great, great, great grandchildren, will have to pay taxes — way beyond what we now pay, to cover even a small portion of what the federal government is already printing to try to cover what both parties keep voting for, as nice as it all sounds to most ears.

There is only one answer:

Let’s start to open up our communities now. Get business going and tax revenues coming in. You have to start someplace to end up someplace. Open the doors, so we can start to step out – now!

At 84-years-old, Chris Ivey lives in San Miguel. He owned a small business and managed 12 chain grocery stores from Lompoc to Paso Robles.

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One Comment about “Wake up, it’s time to save SLO County’s economy”

  1. bigE48 says:

    Thank you Chris…nice to hear from a former grocer….I’m currently President of the Board of the SLO Food Co-op…the only truly locally-owned grocery store in SLO (1200 member-owners).
    I didn’t attend Wharton, just good ole Cal Poly….I did learn some economics–micro and macro and a few other things…I did learn that we left the Gold Standard years ago. Now, wealth is traded thru commodities and just plain promise to provide stuff. Once off the static gold standard, our economy could grow exponentially…kinda like the CoronaVirus.
    We need to protect the “mom & pop” and local businesses…I could care less is Boeing or Chevron or Ford went broke…It would be great if our economy retracted about 25%…It would be like buying a new care every 5 years instead of 4….or, maybe houses would be great at 2400 sq.ft. instead of 3000 for a couple of senior citizens overlooking the ocean.
    We are using up the world’s resources at an astounding rate….why not slow it down and perhaps humans could exist an extra couple centuries….
    We will open up soon enough…but, I think I will miss the slower pace…and not wondering what cruise line we’ll jump next….or another trip to Disney World.
    Hell, enjoy the extra time we have with family…even if it is virtually….
    There’s one crisis I’ll never forget….the 1990 Savings & Loan debacle and recession…it bankrupted a lot of local developers…me included….thank you Charles Keating and your buddy politicians like John McCain….It always seems like the very rich come out stinking like a rose and the rest of us still ironically get in like behind moguls like Trump or Limbaugh thinking some day we’ll be in that class….who gives a shit….give me time or give me death.

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