Lompoc prison complex logs more than 800 coronavirus cases

Lompoc prison camp

The number of inmates with the coronavirus at the federal correctional complex in Lompoc has exploded, with 823 inmates and 25 staffers testing positive for the virus. The prison conducted widespread testing of inmates and staff, some of whom were asymptomatic.

The majority of the cases exist at the minimum-security prison camp, where 1,162 inmates and 11 staffers currently have the virus, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons. At the adjacent medium-security United States Penitentiary Lompoc, there are 31 active coronavirus cases among inmates and 14 among staffers.

Santa Barbara County officials have voiced concerns with the prison; noting the county’s public health department has no power over the federal prison complex. Because of the prison, the county is unable to meet Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new requirements for stopping the spread of the virus and moving forward with reopening the economy.

Of Santa Barbara’s 1,132 coronavirus cases, 848 are related to the prison complex.

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