State rejects SLO County’s reopening plan

Gov. Gavin Newsom rejected San Luis Obispo’s proposed three step reopening plan, leading local officials to agree to work under state guidelines.

On Thursday, Newsom announced that all counties could move partially into phase two of his reopening plan allowing retail stores to open for curbside service, manufacturing to resume, and warehouses for retail merchandise to restart operations. Counties that meet specific guidelines showing fewer coronavirus cases will be permitted to open restaurants and inside shopping for retail sometime next week, he said.

At Tuesday’s SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting, approximately 40 people spoke at public comment, 39 of whom asked the county to defy Newsom and open immediately. County officials explained Newsom has threatened to take state licenses, such as beauty shop and liquor license, away from businesses that violate his order.

The supervisors then voted unanimously to send a letter to the state noting our area has met the guidelines required to possibly open restaurants next week.

After determining county officials have little control over reopening the economy, county supervisors announced they do not plan to renew local stay-at-home orders, which are slated to expire on May 16.

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One Comment about “State rejects SLO County’s reopening plan”

  1. Shirley says:

    Remember, in order to move to Stage 2 of reopening, SLOCO is required by Newsom to prove “Ability to temporarily house 15% of the county’s homeless population.”

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