Witness in Paso Robles man’s murder missing, suspected victim of foul play

Trevon Perry


A 27-year-old Paso Robles man, who testified for prosecutors at a murder suspect’s preliminary hearing, is missing. Authorities suspect he was the victim of foul play.

Trevon Perry testified in December against Kejuan Guy Bynum, the man suspected of murdering 23-year-old Christopher Vento Wilson. At the end of the preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Craig Van Rooyen ruled there was sufficient evidence for Bynum to be tried for Wilson’s murder. But before a trial date was set, Perry was reported missing.

Perry and Wilson were childhood friends. On June 1, 2019, they were at a home on Escondido Way in Shandon. A fight broke out between Wilson and Bynum, who were both drinking at the time. The fight moved outside where Bynum is alleged to have stabbed Wilson. Wilson later died from his injuries.

Kejuan Guy Bynum

Bynum was arrested on June 2, 2019 for a parole violation and on the murder charge. He remains in the San Luis Obispo County Jail without bail.

On March 16, Perry’s family reported he was missing after he left with an acquaintance to attend a gathering in the area of Jardine Road in Paso Robles. He never returned, according to a family member who has asked to remain unnamed for fear of retaliation.

Several weeks after Perry went missing, on April 4, another close friend of his and Wilson’s went to talk to an acquaintance about Perry’s disappearance, according to Perry’s relative. While the acquaintance did not show, a drive-by shooter shot Perry’s friend in the shoulder as he was walking near the corner of 2nd and Vine streets.

The victim refused to tell Paso Robles police officers who shot him, instead saying he was too intoxicated to remember, according to police.

Paso Robles police and SLO County District Attorney investigators announced Wednesday that they suspect Perry is the victim of foul play.

“Numerous search warrants have been served throughout California in an attempt to collect evidence and to find Trevon Perry,” according to the press release. “Through this intense investigative process, investigators believe Trevon Perry’s disappearance is suspicious and suspect foul play.”

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One Comment about “Witness in Paso Robles man’s murder missing, suspected victim of foul play”

  1. RTJ P. says:

    We was no doubt, kidnapped, beaten, taken out to Shandon area creek bed “Wacked” buried now the DA has some questions to answer ?

    Why was their star witness not protected ? why did it take so long to say ” We suspect Foul Play” now the Murder case most likely will be dismissed as the main witness is Gone forever, ask some of the LA Bloods who were up visiting that week ? this is just one of several seriously flawed cases by the DA and the PD.

    The message was sent you talk you die and go “Missing for Ever”, snitches get stitches well in this case you talk you vanish. The family and now friends will NOT be talking to anyone. Case closed. The man who says he was drunk and can not remember who shot him, may very well be the next man to Vanish as he knows who the killers are…………

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