Hundreds protest peacefully in SLO

A crowd in the hundreds protested peacefully in San Luis Obispo on Sunday as violent protests and riots continued in major cities across the United States in the aftermath of the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

Protesters gathered at Mitchell Park and marched through downtown SLO, at one point lying down on Marsh Street. Demonstrators carried signs including, “No Justice No Peace. No Racist Police,” which was also one of the crowd’s chants.

The protest attracted a heavy police presence, even though it did not turn violent. The protest had been promoted by the organization R.A.C.E. Matters SLO and individuals, including San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon.

Also on Sunday, a protest in Santa Maria likewise attracted hundreds of demonstrators. Violence later ensued in the area of the Santa Maria protest.

A small fire broke out on a street and there were reports of vandalism. Additionally, Santa Maria police said a person was stabbed on Sunday. 

There were also drivers doing donuts in vehicles as crowds in Santa Maria watched.

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2 Comments about “Hundreds protest peacefully in SLO”

  1. Shufelt James-Retired says:

    This photo shows the Chief of Police Deanna Cantrell, joining the Violent Protesters, she permitted them to violate the laws of the law.

    She should be ashamed and terminated immediately for her actions and lack of action, the City was held hostage by her allowing these Criminals to riot and cause mayhem and discord. These protesters are not protesting but violent vigilantes causing crime, graffiti on the old BOA building all while no one did a thing, businesses vandalized under her watch.

    City Council should suspend her pending termination for cause, our community is at risk all because of her lack of proper understanding of Police Control and failing to follow POST commission and the AG’s proper crowd control she was part of the problem and she is part of the problem by joining them and encourage them to protest.

    To allow anyone to block PUBLIC streets, HWY 101 is all her fault, Chief I call on you to resign, from the Joshua Walsh killing of a friendly dog and your refusal to release the body cam shows YOU are a coward this in now over the top. When I retired her 4 years ago i was told the City in not what is was just 6 years ago now that i have seen it first hand, you need to quit and quit NOW. Jeff Smith can take over while your removed.

    1. cherokee62 says:

      I applaud Chief Cantrell for stepping up to show it is NOT business as usual this time! I was a cop in the SF area for 22 years. I have seen MANY of these times where an injustice became very public, the outcry was as recently seen, but…not a damn thing changed. Believe me, there are racist cops in the rank and file along with SOME REALLY PROFESSIONAL FOLKS, such as Chief Cantrell. I love what she did because she broke the ‘code of silence’. There is ONE constant in life….CHANGE!! Let it come and Vote Blue until you are Blue in the face!!

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